Mobile Responsive Web Design

Do you need a website? There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars for a new website. As part of my Local SEO plans I offer website design that is part of your marketing campaign and designed not to have all your marketing budget go to web design.

With most web designs the cost is anywhere from 2,000 to 50,000 dollars and takes months to complete. The objective with my services is to get your site up quickly so it can start to generate leads and which we can update as we need to along the way. And most of your marketing dollars don't go to design, but to marketing your business.

I don’t do websites as a standalone project, but as part of a yearly marketing project.


You can create your own website, but with my work you get

  • Optimized content incorporating your targeted keywords

  • Landing pages designed for specific marketing campaigns (PPC)

  • A website that will convert visitors into customers.

  • A site that will work as well with mobile and with a laptop.

  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Accounts set up


If you need assistance with Local SEO, including a new website, then contact me today to schedule a consultation.