Online Reputation Management

Gone are the days when people searched for a company's name and found only their corporate site. Now they can find reviews in Yelp or comments made on a blog. If they find too many negative comments this may be the deciding factor in their decision.

Is your company being smeared online or are there negative comments posted in a blog? Are their negative reviews about your company or incorrect information? Reputation management is about developing your brand online and having a way to react to negative material. First impressions do matter on the Internet and if your business is perceived as having problems, it is your competition that benefits.

Ad Hoc Marketing's Reputation Management Services:

  • Offer suggestions on how to respond to negative comments

  • Boost rankings of 'positive' content

  • Develop brand through various business directories

  • Offer suggestions on how to be more active on other sites, including making posts in industry related blogs.

If you're concerned that about your reputation online then you need to develop a strategy that ensures the positive is found before the negative. You can't eliminate bad press, but you can combat it. Part of our SEO services is to help develop your companies brand on the internet. That includes how people perceive your business.