Google AdWords Remarketing/ Display Campaigns

Display Advertising is once again proven to be an effective marketing tool, but only when it reaches the prospects most interested in the offer or services. It's also an integral part of a successful remarketing campaign.

Remarketing is a tremendous way to keep in touch with prospects who've visited your site, but left for whatever reason. It's a way to remind them of who you are and also alert them to services or products they might not be aware of.

As a Certified Google Adwords Partner, I've helped businesses to use remarketing to generate new leads at a much lower cost than what they typically pay for a click. More importantly, it can be used to connect with any prospects who've visited your site, not just those that have clicked on your ads in the past.

Often times a prospect might not be ready to buy when they visit your site. Through remarketing you can be there when they decide it is to make a purchase or to utilize your services.

Remarketing and Display Campaigns are part of the pay per click management services I offer.