Pay Per Click Audit

A complete review of your current campaign to find wasted spend & missed opportunities, as well as successful elements.

Keyword Research

What words to target to reach your prospects when they are most in need of your services.

Campaign Setup

With your campaign you determine where your ads run and at what time.

Geo Targeting

Ads run in a specific locale whether it's the United States or just a neighborhood.

A successful pay per click campaign targets relevant prospects through keywords and then converts them into performing some action on strategically developed landing pages. And it does so in a cost effective manner.

Certified by both Google AdWords and Bing Ads I work with reps from both companies to ensure my clients are taking advantage of the latest features. With more than 10 years' experience in online marketing, I will help your business grow.My services are based on a specific marketing strategy developed for your specific business, but all of my work involves the same core services.

Pay-per-Click Management


Ad Copy Creation

Ads designed not just to attract the attention of relevant prospects, but to discourage those that aren't legitimate prospects.

Bid Management

How much to bid on each keyword can help determine your campaign's success.


From which ads resulted in informs being filled out to which call extensions resulted in a phone call.

A/B Testing

IThe goal is to constantly improve results by testing different ads, landing pages, and keywords. This improves results and lower costs.

Mobile Marketing

How to generate leads from mobile devices. including how to test ads.


Through AdWords reports and analytics, the success of campaigns are continuously evaluated.

Monthy Reporting

I believe in keeping my clients aware of what I'm doing and why. Either through monthly reviews over the phone or in written reports I let you know your campaign's success.


Losing money with your current pay per click campaign? Allow me to take a brief review of your current campaign. I'll look for missed opportunities and wasted spend