Hire A Consultant Based In Iowa Not NYC or India

Generate More Business With the Help of an AdWords Consultant

Are you struggling with Google Ads?

Spending thousands of dollars each month, but not seeing the results you expected?
You know every day hundreds of people are searching for what you offer.  You also know you’re not reaching them.
It’s time to get help.
I'll help you develop a strategically developed campaign that targets your best prospects at the moment they're looking for what you offer.

When You Want Personalized Attention & Customized Solutions To Build Your Business

As a Certified Google Ads Partner, I've worked on thousands of campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

15 years of managing PPC campaigns assisting 100s of businesses both large and small.

Personally managed over 11 million dollars in ad spend for my clients over the last 10 years.

Here are why my clients have embraced my work:


  • They’ve seen click-through rates 40%-250% over industry averages, meaning they pay significantly less for their clicks and have a higher return on investment.


  • My recommendations about their websites have improved their conversion rates dramatically.


  • I’ve lowered their wasted spend through negative keywords and by focusing on their most profitable keywords.


  • By integrating the latest features of Google AdWords I help to make their ads stand out from their competitors


This is what you can expect from my services if you decide to hire me as your Google Ads consultant

If you think you need AdWords help, then most likely you do. Take advantage of my Free PPC Review to learn for sure.


Depending on your needs and budget, I can work with you on an hourly, project, or monthly retainer. Schedule a consultation with me to discuss what you need.


Have  a pay per click specialist handle all aspects of your pay per click campaigns.  Monthly retainers begin at $360/month.


Concerned your campaign isn't doing as well as it should be? Have an AdWords Consultant review it. Strategic audits start at $495.



Want to do AdWords on your own? Learn what to do to flourish with AdWords. Training/coaching at $125/hour.

Let Me Do A Brief Review of Your AdWords Account


Not sure if you'd benefit from my services? Or that you even need help? Let me take a free (no obligation) review of your campaign. I'll follow up with a 20-minute phone call to review my findings and to discuss how I might help you.

I only work with clients I know I can benefit, so if I can't I'll let you know right away. I don't want to waste your time or mine.

There is no obligation and no risk to you. I don't have access to your credit card information and don't need your password.

If you're AdWords campaign isn't performing as it should, you're not just wasting money. You're letting your competition scoop up all the business.

What My Clients Say

“Scott Salwolke is great to work with.  He cares about your business and customizes a plan that fits your budget and maximizes your investment.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to any business.  If you want to maximize your online presence, Ad Hoc Marketing should be your first stop.”

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