Mobile Marketing

Smart Phones haven't just changed the way we communicate with one another, they change the way we shop and look for local businesses. One in 5 searches for a local business is from a cell phone. Nearly one in four clicks on ads will soon be by someone using their phone.

Mobile Marketing is about making sure your business is listed in the many directories that people access with their phones and that this information is accurate. It's also about making sure that they find positive comments and reviews about their business.

  • 95% of mobile users have used their phones to make a search.

  • 61% called a business after their search

  • 59% visited that store

  • 44% made a purchase from that store.

As people use their smart phones to look for restaurants, hotels, and other services you want to stand out from the competition.

Part of my SEO services is ensuring your business is found on Groupon, FourSquare and other directories they rely on for looking for businesses.

For many businesses a pay per click campaign that targets cell phones is one of the best ways to market their business. Click to call makes it that people who see your ad can immediately call without even going to your site.