Meta Tag Optimization

On-page optimization is the basic search engine optimization of your website pages. Examples of the SEO services included for the optimization of your web pages are title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags.

For the most part, meta tags are not seen by visitor to your site, as they are incorporated into the computer code. The exception is the title tag which appears in the browser window when people are on a page.

Although the value of these tags varies, some search engines still use the meta tag description for the snippet it includes in their rankings. The description should summarize what is on the page and highlight what makes your product or service unique.

The title tag is crucial not just for keyword rankings, but should be descriptive of the site. A successful title encourages a person to click on your listing.

The keyword tag has almost no value due to its misuse by webmasters and search engine firms. It should be just a couple phrases that are the main emphasis of the page.

This site ranks number 1 on MSN for its services. The title focuses on how the services benefit clients and the snippet is pulled from the meta description tag.

This competitor's site hasn't been optimized. It ranks much lower in the rankings and its snippet or title isn't likely to encourage visitors to click onto the listing.