Landing Page Optimization, Development

A successful Google Ads campaign is often dependent on a landing page that converts. All the clicks in the world mean nothing if prospects arrive on your site and then don't take the desired action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or making a phone call.


A landing page is the page that people first arrive to a site on. It could be your home page or it could be an interior page such as for a specific product or service. With SEO you can’t always control what page is the one that Google indexes for a specific product or service.


With PPC you can control what page they land on and this should almost never be your home page.


Custom landing pages produce better results and higher conversion rates because they focus on one specific objective. An ad creates an expectation with the person clicking on it and it should be answered by the landing page.

Landing pages allow for better control over your marketing campaign. They can be used as part of your A/B testing, as well.


I'll assist you with your landing pages in a number of ways. From help developing them as part of your current website or by creating new custom landing pages using UnBounce.


The effectiveness of a pay per click campaign is not in how many people click on your ad, but how many convert into customers. Landing page development is a service that can be added to my pay per click management plans.


With so many entry points into your site, you want to make sure that each page markets your business. Studies show that visitors make up their mind about a site in the first four seconds. Lose that customer and they may never come back.