Certified in Google Analytics

I rely on analytics when evaluating the success of a campaign. I also educate my clients on how to properly interpret the data, so they can be fully informed about the success not just of AdWords, but also their website.

Through analytics, you can track the activities of your visitors and also gauge the success of your campaigns. For example, if your site has a high bounce rate, it could be an indication that you're targeting the wrong visitors. Or that they aren't finding crucial information that could turn them into customers.

Here is some of what my analysis involves:

  • Is Google Ads properly integrated with the analytics?

  • Are conversions being properly tracked and if so, which pages convert better.  

  • Where traffic is coming from and which referrals provide the best source of business.

  • Have goals been established and are they relevant goals.

  • How individual landing pages are performing and which to optimize for better conversions.

  • If your campaigns perform better on mobile or desktop

I’ll help you to understand analytics and how it reveals how customers react to your site. An integral part of both my local /PPC SEO plans and pay per click management plans is determining how successfully visitors respond to your site.