Google Ads Management Plans That Generate Leads & Grows Your Business

Have a Professional Manage Your Campaign

Are you spending money on Google Ads and not seeing the results you expect? Then its time for a change.

A successful Google Ads campaign targets your best prospects at the moment they're actively searching for what you offer.

My name is Scott Salwolke and I'm a freelance Google Ads specialist with15+ years' experience managing thousands of campaigns.

When managing your campaign you can expect constant work to improve results, even after the campaigns has seemingly achieved success.

I manage all aspects of your campaign, even offering suggestions to your site to improve conversions.

I don’t require a contract. I work with businesses who value my work and not contractually tied to me. 

My services are customized to your business and your market. Management plans start at $360/month.

A small setup fee is often required to get your campaign up to speed quickly.

  • A certified Google Ads Partner of more than 10 years handling all aspects of your campaign.
  • As a Google Ads Partner Agency, I have Google reps assigned to provide additional feedback.
  • Utilize decades of experience in marketing to create ads that get clicked on.
  • Trained in landing page development I provide feedback on website to improve results.
  • Certified in Google Analytics I constantly review data to improve results.
  • Based in Iowa, not India so no language barrier

Step 1. Strategy

The goal is to target your best prospects. A successful Google Ads Campaign relies on keyword research, reviewing your competition and understanding your targeted market.

My Google Ads Campaign Management Services begin with keyword research.

Step 2. Ad Creative

Your ads must capture your prospects attention and stand out from your competitors. I'll constantly introduce new ads to improve on results.


Step 3. Optimization & Testing

Staying at the top of Google's search results is critical. This requires ongoing work. I test out new ads and keywords to keep leads constantly coming in.


Step 4. Maximize Results & Spend

From the beginning, I will reduce your wasted spend. I work to get the very most out of your marketing budget.


Step 5. Data Driven Results

Using conversion tracking and Google Analytics, I rely on data to evaluate and strengthen your campaign.

Landing page optimization part of my Google Ads Management

Step 6. Personal Attention

I'll manage your campaign as if the future of your business relies on it. And I'll always make myself available so that you can ask questions or discuss results.

Monthly Budget Monthly Fee Setup Fee
Up to $2,500 $360 $200
$2,500-$4,000 $450 $250
$4,000-$7,500 $625 $300
$7,500-$10.000 $900 $450
$10,000-$15,000 $1,200 $600
$15,000-$20,000 $2,000 $600
$20,000-$30,000 $3,000 $750
$30,000 or more 10% of Ad Spend TBD

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