Strategic Google Ads Audits To Maximize Revenue

Whether your pay per click campaign is struggling or you're concerned that you're missing out on business, a pay per click audit is beneficial. I’ll thoroughly review your campaign for wasted spend and missed opportunities.  

​As a pay per click specialist, I've reviewed thousands of campaigns over the past 14 years. I'll use my experience and knowledge to review nearly every aspect of your campaign.

You'll be supplied with an in-depth report that includes specific recommendations that you or your staff can implement, as well as what to do on a monthly basis.​

Audits start at $495.​

Why pay for an audit when some agencies offer them for free? Those audits just point out general problems to a campaign. My audits provide specific solutions for all aspects of your campaign.
A Google Ads Audit helps to improve your return on investment

Actionable Items To Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign

Here is some of what I’ll review and offer suggestions on:

  • If the default settings of Google Ads are being used, which can waste a lot of your marketing dollars.
  • If best practices are being used for your keywords and you're ad groups
  • Potential keywords you could be targeting.
  • How to bid on keywords to get the most value out of them.
  • How conversions work and how to properly set them up.
  • Why negative keywords are critical to your campaign.
  • Where to concentrate your time and energy.
  • The proper techniques for creating ads and extensions.
  • How to use Google analytics to better understand your campaigns
  • Are there changes to your landing pages which could improve conversion rates.
  • The value of testing, testing, and more testing.
  • What can be learned from your competition?

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