Do you require a contract? No, I want to work with companies that value my services and aren’t tied to them. Over the last 3 years I only had 2 clients whose accounts I managed leave. Both were small accounts that the business owners decided to manage on their own.

Do you outsource any of your work? When it comes to managing campaigns, I do all the work myself. I’m the one who helps create your keyword list, develops your ads and monitors your spend.

Can you take on new clients? I’m careful about my time and how much I have available for the management of campaigns. This is why I’m careful to take on clients I know I can help and that I want to work with. I want to make sure I’m invested in the project. Otherwise I pass. The final criteria is that I have enough time to fully devote myself to their campaign.

Will I have access to the account? Even with new accounts I create, the account is always under the control of the owner. I link to accounts through my Google Client Center. This means its always under your control and you can unlink me at any time.

Who pays Google? As the account is yours, you'll be billed directly by Google. It will be your credit card on file.

Your a Google Certified Partner. What does that mean? To be a certified partner I have to manage a set amount of spend each month for my clients. I also have to take year exams. To be honest, it doesn't have the prestige it once did. The tests aren't that difficult if you manage campaigns regularly. And the amount of spend isn't that much. My clients spend is significantly higher than the required amount.

Where are you located? I'm based in Dubuque, Iowa. Nestled along the Mississippi River, Dubuque is where Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois all come together. My clients, however, are all over the United States.

What type of businesses do you work with? I only work with B2B business and services provider. I don't work with ecommerce sites. My main focus is Google Search, where prospects are actively looking for the products and services my clients offer. I don't do shopping ads.

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