Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Advertising can be a way to reach both broad and local markets. It can be very effective for a number of industries including culture, entertainment, and travel. Your business can advertise to your exact audiences based on specific social and geographical information, age, gender, location, personal interests, job functions, to name but a few, can all refine targeting.

Facebook ads can be a cheaper alternative to Google AdWords, but it doesn’t work with all types of industries. I’ll give you an honest assessment as to whether it will be effective for your business.

As part of my Facebook management services I’ll help define your ideal target audience and then develop a strategic Facebook Advertising campaign for you. I offer several Facebook Advertising solutions to suit your specific campaign requirements and budget, whether it’s using Social Ads, Home Page Ads or Sponsored Stories.

My Facebook Ad Management Service

  • Facebook Advertising Account Setup: If you currently don’t have a Facebook Advertising Account I’ll help set one up that will be in your name. That you will have ownership of.

  • Facebook Audience Identification: Finding your perfect target audience, based on the demographics, location, age, etc, including estimated audience size and costs to advertise.

  • Facebook Campaign Development: Developing a focused Facebook Advertising Campaign, like ads, creative and other elements, which matches your exact businesses requirements.

  • Optimized Ads: For a Facebook campaign to be effective it must be refreshed regularly. This means consistently adding new ads.

  • Statistical Monitoring: Using a combination of Facebook Insights and Google Analytic I’m able to report on the progress of the campaign. This includes demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your ads and page

ROI Reporting: I’ll keep you updated with monthly ROI performance reports detailing the exact expenditure vs conversion rate.