Are you losing money on pay per click (without anything to show for it)?

Have a Certified AdWords Consultant Run Your Campaign.

Are your struggling with Google AdWords? Spending money, but showing little for it? Then it’s time to get help.
Your campaign should target prospects actively looking for your products or services in your market.

I've worked on thousands of campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in sales. I'll help yours.
My pay per click management plans start at 360/month.
Google AdWords is constantly changing. It's complex to learn, but done right done right it can generate leads for your business on a regular basis. Done wrong, however, and you can waste thousands of dollars with little to show.
I offer pay per click management services that begin at $360/month. There is no contract and you remain in control of your account.
The benefits of my management services:
  • Find and eliminate wasted spend
  • Target campaigns so that only relevant prospects see your ads
  • The latest features of AdWords or Bing Ads are incorporated
  • Continuous testing improves the effectiveness of your campaigns.
You'll have one point of contact to answer any questions you have and to provide feedback, not just on your campaign, but also your website.
Have a Proven PPC Expert with 14 Years' Experience Assisting You
If you think you have a problem, then most likely you do. Every day you wait means losing more money on wasted clicks and seeing more leads going to your competition.
I only take on clients that I know I can significantly impact. Often my fees are more than covered by the savings I find and the increase in revenue I develop.
I offer a free no obligation assessment of their campaigns.
Free No Obligation Review - I'll let you know if I find:
  •  Areas of wasted spend
  •  Missed opportunities that are costing you business
  •  Features in AdWords that you're not using that could benefit your business.
  • If your ads are targeting the wrong people
I'll review my findings in a 20 minute phone call. Schedule your review today.

Scott Salwolke - PPC Expert

Recognized Expert


Certified by both Google AdWords and Bings Ads I've been doing pay per click for 11 years.

“I would refer others to Scott if they are looking for someone who will work hard at a fair price.  Scott has excellent communication skills in addition to his technical skills.  We have full confidence in his abilities to keep our business name at the top of our field in the competitive world of online marketing."
Nour Elbreki - Nova Junk Removal