Copywriting Services - Content & Conversions

SEO Copywriting is an essential element to a successful web site and search marketing campaign. You want to find the keywords prospects are using to find your products or services. And incorporate these words into content that converts prospects into customers. My SEO Copywriting Services are intended to bring relevant traffic to your site and then sell them on your products or services.


Content is key to your web site's success. Through content marketing you’ll be engaging the attention of not just the search engines, but most importantly the people most important to your business. The search engines want to provide searchers with sites that contain information that is of value to them.

Developing content for your site is more than just about rankings. It's about providing content through which visitors can make an informed decision. This content will help to answer questions they might have (alleviating time on your sales staff) and establish you as an authority in your field. It could be material for a blog or a press release or even an about us page where you develop your companies identity.

Conversion Copywriting for PPC

For pay per click management, conversion copywriting involves creating a landing page that converts the people who clicked on your ad into relevant prospects that contact you. Once people have clicked on an ad, they have expectations on what they'll find on the page they land on. These expectations must be met in order to convert. It's also about fashioning an offer that appeals to them.

SEO Copywriting is also about brand identity and online reputation management. How customers perceive your business influences whether they will buy your product, stay at your hotel or utilize your services. Any negative comments or reviews must be overwhelmed by the content and social media campaigns you’ve developed.