Most Businesses Struggle When It Comes to Using Pay Per Click

Are You Losing Money On Google AdWords?

Are you spending money each month on Google Ads and not seeing the results you hoped for? Then it's time to bring in help. Because you're not just losing money, your missing out on prospects that are finding your competitors instead.

A successful Ads campaign generates leads or sales on a regular basis at an affordable cost.

As a Certified Google Ads Consultant, I've worked on thousands of campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. I work independently so I handle all aspects of their campaigns.

In 15 years of managing PPC campaigns I've helped hundreds of businesses both large and small generate leads and sales.

My management plans begin at $360/month. No contract is required and the account is in your name.

Google AdWords Management

Here is just some of what you'll get with my pay per click management:

  • Strategy developed to your specific market

  • Campaign setup to maximize opportunities.

  • Reach prospects at the moment they’re looking for your products or services

  • Continuous monitoring for new opportunities

  • Integrate the latest features of AdWords as they are introduced

  • Review the competition to ensure you're staying ahead of them

  • Input on how to improve conversions on your site.

Free AdWords Review

If you think you have a problem, then most likely you do. Every day you wait means losing more money on wasted clicks and seeing more leads going to your competition.


To be sure you'd benefit from training then allow me to first briefly review your campaign. At no cost to you.

Free No Obligation Review - I'll let you know if I find:

  •  Areas of wasted spend

  •  Missed opportunities that are costing you business

  •  Features in AdWords that you're not using that could benefit your business.

  • If your ads are targeting the wrong people


I'll review my findings with you in a 20 minute phone call. Then you can decide if you want to retain my services. Don't wait. I only take on a limited number of new clients each month.