Google Ads Consultant With 15 Years Experience For Hire

When You Want Personalized Attention & Customized Solutions To Build Your Business

Reach Prospects At the Moment They Need What You Offer

A successful Google AdWords campaign sends a steady stream of highly motivated prospects to your site and converts them.


If your campaign isn't doing that it's time to get help.  

A skilled Google Ads consultant helps you generate leads, increase your online traffic, and generate new revenue.

My clients see click-through rates 40-125% above the average for their industries, which means lower cost per clicks and higher conversions.

I've worked with hundreds of businesses to develop Google AdWords campaigns that generate significant business on a consistent basis.

Google Ads Consultant With 15 Year's Experience

Put your campaign in the hands of a true professional

As a Google Ads Specialist I'll take you from click to conversion. I specialize in working with service providers and B2B companies.

  • A certified Google Ads Partner of more than 10 years handling all aspects of your campaign.

  • As a Google Ads Partner Agency I have Google reps assigned to provide additional feedback.

  • Rely on decades of experience in marketing to create ads that get clicked on.

  • Trained in landing page development I provide feedback on website to improve results.

  • Certified in Google Analytics I constantly review data to improve results.

  • Based in Iowa, not India so no language barrier.

Why Hire a Google Ads Consultant?

STRATEGICALLY DEVELOPED CAMPAIGNS - As a consultant I’ll take the time to learn your targets and goals and develop a campaign based on this. And build your business as a result.
DEDICATED GOOGLE ADS SPECIALIST - Google AdWords is all I do. This is where I spend all my time. It’s what I know inside and out. Yet, I’m constantly reviewing new trends and incorporating new features. Google Ads is complex and constantly changing and it takes someone working full time on it to generate results.
NO CONTRACT - I want to work with businesses that value my work and not contractually obligated. I earn your business each month by delivering results
TARGET YOUR BEST PROSPECTS Through choosing high intent keywords, geo-targeting, and demographics I target your best prospects. My ads then capture their attention and bring them to your site.
DATA DRIVEN RESULTS - I offer a free review of your account. It's not an audit, but a brief glimpse to see if you could use help. And if I'm the one to help. I only work with businesses that I know I can help.
MAXIMIZE RESULTS AND SPEND From the beginning I’ll reduce your wasted spend and then get more out of your marketing budget.
TRANSPARENT MANAGEMENT - You have one point of contact who is managing all your campaign. And you’ll know what I’m doing and why. You also retain control of your account
Improve Your Website

Two Ways I Help Businesses


A PPC specialist to handle all aspects of your pay per click campaign.  Retainers start  at $360/month


Want to do AdWords in-house? Learn what to do to flourish with AdWords. Consulting / Training for DIY PPC at $125/hour.

What My Clients Say About My AdWords Services

Wendy, Natalbany RV Park

“Scott is always available to help us and he always explains everything he is going to do before he does it. I would recommend Scott to anyone that wants to increase their business. He has done everything that he said he was going to do for us and more!! We are so glad we hired Scott as our consultant for our campground!!!”

Nour, Nova Junk Removal

“I would refer others to Scott if they are looking for a consultant who will work hard at a fair price.  Scott has excellent communication skills in addition to his technical skills.  I have full confidence in his abilities to keep our business name at the top of our field in the competitive world of online marketing."

David, History Simulations

“Scott Salwolke is great to work with.  He cares about your business and customizes a plan that fits your budget and maximizes your investment.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to any business.  If you want to maximize your online presence, Ad Hoc Marketing should be your first stop.”

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