Content Marketing

"Make sure that your site adds value. Provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first." Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Why do you need content for your website? Quality content attracts the attention of the search engines, connects your business with prospects and improves conversion rates. Content will make your business stand out from the competition and relieve any doubts a prospect has about doing business with your company. Studies show that sites that regularly develop new content generate 28% more visitors than those that don't.

For local SEO content marketing helps reach prospects that need your services by offering answers to their problems.

Content marketing involves generating material for your site, your blog or social media that:

  • Ranks for phrases that your prospects are using to search for your products or services

  • Develops brand awareness about your business

  • Generates qualified leads

  • Establishes you and your company as an authority in your field

  • Provides information that will lessen the demands of your marketing team, sales team and even human resources.

Any page, PDF, or video on your site could be a possible entry point to your site. If the content has value than people will link to it and these links will impact your rankings. I've worked with dozens of clients, helping them to develop content for a blog or create an overall strategy for their overall marketing campaign. Content marketing is an integral part of my local SEO campaigns.