Code of Ethics

There is no uniform code of ethics for SEO, which is a problem. Firms or consultants that represent themselves as ethical SEO's may actually use practices that are considered black hat and which could eventually harm a site's rankings. Although we feel these firms are in the minority, it’s a reason you should perform research on who you eventually hire. You want someone whose success will be long term.

Bruce Clay has written a code of ethics which many firms and consultants voluntarily subscribe to, including our firm.

At Ad Hoc Marketing we promise to:

  • Only use methods that are ethical, avoiding tactics that are considered black hat SEO.

  • Never be under contract to two businesses competing in the same market unless both businesses have agreed to it.

  • Fully disclose what we are doing at all times and to respond promptly to any questions you might have.

  • Provide anonymity. If we're working with an ad agency or a web design firm and they are looking to me to collaborate with them on a project we'll respect their wishes about how to interact with a client. To either remain behind the scene if asked and not content the client directly.

  • Respect the privacy of all clients in handling their material.