Get the help and training you need to succeed with AdWords

Have a Certified AdWords Consultant Help Guide Your Campaign.

Are your struggling with your Google AdWords Campaign? Spending money, but showing little for it? It takes a lot of time and training to learn the proper way to run an AdWords campaign. Why not get some help to run your campaign successfully on your own.


Certified by Google AdWords I've been doing online marketing for more than 10 years. I've worked on thousands of campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in sales, including many Chicago businesses.

I provide hourly training and guidance to marketers that want to run Google AdWords on their own, but don't have the time to learn it all themselves.

Here are some things I can offer guidance or training on:

  • What to monitor your campaign for

  • Which reports to review monthly

  • How to improve your landing pages

  • What you can learn from Google Analytics

I can answer any and all questions about your campaign.  I require a minimum commitment of 10 hours usually spread out over 2 months. I charge just 90/hour, a significantly lower amount than most consultants with my experience.

Have a Proven PPC Expert with Over 10 Years' Experience Assisting You

If you think you have a problem, then most likely you do. Every day you wait means losing more money on wasted clicks and seeing more leads going to your competition.


To be sure you'd benefit from training then allow me to first briefly review your campaign. At no cost to you.

Free No Obligation Review - I'll let you know if I find:

  •  Areas of wasted spend

  •  Missed opportunities that are costing you business

  •  Features in AdWords that you're not using that could benefit your business.

  • If your ads are targeting the wrong people


I'll review my findings with you in a 20 minute phone call. Then you can decide if you want to retain my services. Don't wait. I only take on a limited number of new clients each month.

Scott Salwolke - PPC Expert


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