Local SEO Case Study

White Florist Inc

The problem: White Florist has had a web site for over 5 years. Unfortunately it had become out of date, and, more importantly wasn't even found on Google. Even though there were only six florists in the community, the site didn't rank in the top 30 for any of the phrases related to its business.

The solution: There were four key phrases potential customers used to look for flowers in Dubuque. It was decided to redo the White Florist site completely and incorporate these four phrases.

The problems with the original site were pretty evident. The home page was little more than the company's logo, with a navigation bar along the side.

The new site Ad Hoc Marketing developed was made more user friendly. And kept up to date. Thus prom flowers were no longer listed year round. Instead seasonal items were listed.

And where the original site had little text, the new site portrayed the benefits of using a local service like White Florist. And with local search engine optimization we focused on specific phrases related to the area.

The result: The changes had an almost immediate impact. Where before the site failed to rank in the top 10 for any of its key phrases it now ranked in the top ten.

What surprised all of us was that the customers who used the web site were from all over the country. People from California, the Grand Canyon, and New York ordered flowers from the web site to be delivered in the Dubuque area. Local customers were more content with coming into the shop to purchase their flowers.

"This is Julie with White Florist Inc. and I'm writing you to let you know that we are greatly appreciating the work you have done for our web site in such a short amount of time. With myself being a new business owner and needing to advertise more the web site you produced has been outstanding for our customers. We direct them to the web site to see samples of our work for the different seasons and by doing that they either place the order from there or call us with their request. Our hits on the site have been increasing monthly and our web site has just made it so much easier for all of our out of town customers. We here at the shop can't thank you enough and our so glad to work with you through the holiday transitions. Once again thanks for all your sufficient work and for getting us running a lot quicker than we expected."

Julie Gross and the Staff at White Florist Inc.