Local SEO Case Study

Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic

The problem: Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic was a business that had no web site. Yet, chiropractic care was one of the biggest items searched for in their locale. Most of their competitors already had web sites, many for years.

The solution: Their site developed by Ad Hoc Marketing was designed to rank high for chiropractic care and provide in-depth information on their services.

The result: Within two months they were ranked #1 for this term on most search engines. In addition SEO consultant Scott Salwolke did keyword research to determine if there were particular symptoms or medical conditions people were searching for. We found a large number of searches by people interested in migraines. I developed a landing page for this particular phrase.


"We came to Ad hoc Marketing to have an effective web site for our chiropractic business. We have been extremely pleased with the customer service we have received. They are responsive to our almost daily emails with changes, additions, etc.

Our goal was to be #1 or #2 on the Google and yahoo search engines. We are excited that we are getting many hits even though we are only a few months old. Scott Salwolke did a great job and we would highly recommend his company. They did a great job on our web site; dubuquechiropractic.com"

Vicki Souder, DC

Tri-States Clinic of Chiropractic, PC