SEO Case Study

Trappist Caskets

The problem: Trappist Caskets had a national reputation for their custom built wood caskets. Yet, they didn't rank for many of their products. They had a great looking web site, but few were finding it.

The solution: Working with their webmaster, Ad Hoc Marketing developed new copy for the product pages. This targeted their specific products using terms that prospects were using. Even after the rankings, however, it was decided a search engine marketing plan was needed to compliment the organic rankings. Many of their competitors were already doing this, even bidding on the phrase Trappist Caskets.


The result: Trappist Caskets quickly ranked in the top 10 for most of their products and would retain these rankings for years afterward. The pay per click campaign focused on Google Adwords and had a high conversion rate. Trappist Caskets has since hired me two additional times to focus on additional products and to help with other projects.