Nova Junk Removal

Nova Junk is a junk removal company serving Washington DC, northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland. They were spending a significant amount of money on online marketing, but were seeing little return on their investment. They were unhappy with their current agency and decided to look for a new agency to help them. They knew it was crucial that they had a strong online presence.

“We are growing business with a lot of competition,” explains owner Nour.  “In today’s business world, having a strong online presence is essential to maintain and building your customer base. Scott had a strong background, good reviews, and was easy to communicate with.  He offered competitive pricing and all of the services we needed to grow our business.”The Problem After they contacted me I took a look at their online listings such as Google, and Yelp. One of the problems I noticed was that they had a lot of incorrect information on the various directories.  There were duplicate listings and the business was listed for services they didn’t supply and not for those they did. I also analyzed their Google AdWords campaign and noticed little had been done over the last few months even though an agency was running the campaign.  Most importantly the agency wasn’t monitoring the words that were triggering the ads. Because of this, they were wasting money on words that didn’t apply to their business, such as junk cars and dumpsters, something they didn’t offer. Finally, they weren’t ranking in many of the communities they served. The main reason for this is that while there were pages for most of the cities they served, the content was nearly all the same, with only the location being changed.​The Solution:After being hired, I began to redo their AdWords campaign, adding new ads and revising the keywords being used.  This included adding negative phrases to prevent the ads from showing for services they didn’t offer or in locations they didn’t serve. Almost immediately we began to see an improvement in their leads. For the website I began to help develop new content for the site creating unique content for each community they served. This helped to improve their online rankings and build up their website. Finally, for the local directories I help to take control of all the listings and clean up the information on the business. We also enhanced the listings through photographs and longer descriptions.​The Results“Scott’s work has kept our name and business in the front of the field.  Our calls, jobs, and profits have all increased and this has allowed us to expand as desired.  We have also been able to lower our costs on marketing compared to our previous consultant and still achieve better results.  “Scott is a true professional.  He is straightforward and honest and does what he says he will do.  This is hard to find and we only wish we had found him sooner.  He responds quickly to all requests whether by phone or email and provides feedback on all aspects of our operation.”
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