Business Air

The problem: Business Air was a well-known name in the aircraft industry, thanks to its magazine. On the web, however, it had little success. Its web site, like its magazine, was designed to sell corporate aircraft. Business needing a private jet or a helicopter would find listings from dealer, broker, and private owners throughout the country.

The solution: One of Ad Hoc Marketing first steps when hired was to develop copy for the site. SEO Consultant Scott Salwolke looked at their competition and most were little more than classified ads. We decided that adding copy to the main pages would be crucial to improving their rankings. We researched their market and developed copy that would appeal to prospects interested in buying aircraft for their company. For example, we discovered one of the main benefits of a company having their own jet was the time it saved. Staff didn't have to wait in long lines at the airport and while flying could conduct business meetings.

We also began developing links to the site, focusing on the most important keyword phrases, such as corporate aircraft for sale, private jets for sale, etc.

The result: The result of Ad Hoc Marketing work was that the site was number 1 for the phrase corporate aircraft for sale on nearly every search engine. More importantly the targeted phrases brought in more relevant traffic even as the economy worsened. One would think the demand for private jets would be down. Yet the phrases private jets for sale and private jet for sale alone accounted for nearly 15 percent of their visitors. And even more specific jets, such as a Boeing 747 was one of their 5 top generating keyword phrases.