Pay Per Click Case Study

AllStar Luxury


The problem: AllStar Luxury Coaches rents luxury recreational vehicles in 10 states. They offer an affordable way for families and businesses to travel in style and take in the surrounding beauty. They looked to Ad Hoc Marketing for help with search engine optimization, as well as their pay per click campaign. They were spending over a thousand a month on just Google Adwords alone. Adding to their problem was not only was each click expensive their ads were appearing in states in which they weren't servicing. This meant people in those states could click on the ads even though they wouldn't be able to rent their rv's.

The solution: To improve their Adwords campaign, we developed two main campaigns. One that appeared only in the states they rented rv's in. The second campaign ran throughout the country, but with the location as part of the keyword. Thus, if someone typed in RV rentals California the ads would appear.

The result: The campaign now targeted prospects that were actively interested in their rv's. The click through rate improved dramatically and as a result, their costs lowered. Where once they paid over three dollars a click, often to prospects who weren't interested in their rv's, they now were less than 50 cents a click to prospects actively looking for their rv's in their location. For the same amount of money spent each month they were now reaching three times the market.