Google AdWords is a great way for your business to generate leads. Unfortunately, it can also be a way to lose money rapidly. Particularly if the person managing your campaign doesn’t have the necessary experience.

Benefits of a google adwords specialist
Google Ads Specialist

Remember you’re not just entrusting someone with your marketing dollars. You could very well be entrusting them with the success of your business. Choosing who you have manage your campaign is critical.

If you’re looking for someone to run your Google Ads campaign you might be struggling to know who to turn to. Perhaps the agency doing your website offers PPC as an additional service. Or you’ve been contacted by an agency offering to help. The problem is how do you decide on who to turn to.

When looking to get someone to manage your AdWords campaign an agency might not be the best choice. First, let me clarify that not all agencies are a bad choice. There are many that specialize in Google AdWords only. Or that have dedicated AdWords managers on their staff. These are fine.

What I’m talking about is the majority of agencies that offer PPC management as one of many services they provide. They dabble in SEO, they dabble in web design, and they dabble in PPC. They advertise themselves as a full-service digital agency, making them sound ideal. Yet, often it's staff members wear many hats.

They’re a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Dabbling in Google AdWords is no longer enough. In the last year alone, Google has made significant changes to their advertising platform., including changing their name to Google Ads. In the past, they could get by just throwing some keywords in and adjusting bids, while running one or two ads. That no longer works. (In fact, it never really did, although it could still generate some business)

What you want is someone who is a specialist in Google AdWords.

You need to understand what a Google ads specialist is. More than likely their sole focus is Google Ads. It’s something they live and breathe. In other words, it's all they do. And when they’re not doing PPC, they’re reading about it or discussing it with other specialists.

They could work independently, as I do, or they could be part of an agency, where that is all they do. If you are looking at a digital agency, find out the background and experience of the person who will be doing your campaign.

Here Are a Few Reasons You Want A Full-Time Google Ads Specialist

Google is more than just numbers anymore. As mentioned, you could have gotten by throwing in a few keywords and putting up a couple ads, but no more. The size of the ads has more than doubled and also incorporate many additional features. A specialist will understand how each element works together to create the strongest message.

Keywords have also undergone a change in the way the various match types works. Exact match doesn’t mean exact match anymore. So even if that is all that is being used (which seems unlikely), the search terms have to be continuously monitored.

Searchers have higher expectations. When they click on an ad, they want more than just to land on a home page. They want a page that matches the message of the ad and provides a solution to their problem. A Google AdWords specialist can help fashion landing pages that will have a dramatic improvement on conversions.

Testing is critical. The success of a campaign is dependent on the testing of ads and offers. This is one reason you ideally want four or five ads running in each ad group all the time.

Hire a Google Ads Specialist to manage your campaign over a digital agency
Reasons to Hire a Google AdWords Specialist

Google is constantly changing. It used to be changes to Google Ads were few and far between. Now they seem almost a monthly occurrence. A Google AdWords specialist will know of these new features and begin using them if they are appropriate to your campaign. This will help you stand out from the competition.

Discover new keywords to target. How people search is constantly changing and through keyword research and reviewing data, specialists can often find new words to target. Words that you might not have considered initially but could prove to be very profitable.

Eliminate wasted spend. In a similar way, there are often words orphrases that appear that aren’t profitable. Part of what a specialist will dois constantly add to the negative keyword lists. This helps to cut down onwasted spend. They’ll also look for words that aren’t converting as well andeither revise the ads or pause them. This ensures your money is going to thewords that convert the best.

Your results should improve each month. With all the work being done you should see improvements each month in the results. This could be lower costs per conversions or ideally even more conversions each month. Cost per click might not go down, as there are constantly new advertisers entering into the market. Yet, you shouldn’t be seeing dramatic increases and if you do, they should be able to explain why.

Some Qualities to Look For in A Google Ads Specialist

Now that you know you need one, here are a few things to look for in a specialist.

They are certified by Google. This isn’t necessarily the best barometer, but its better than nothing. Being a Certified Google Partner means they pass a set of exams each year and also meet other criteria such as a set amount of ad spend over a 90-day period.

They can talk the talk. The best way to get a feel for ads manager is to talk to them. Ask them what they’ll do doing and what their background is. Even a 15-minute conversation can go a long way to revealing how knowledgeable they at least seem. (I’m not discounting that there aren’t con artists out there who can talk a good game. So don’t put all your faith in their conversation.)

They’ll be transparent about their work. No matter who you hire, you should have access to your account. Ideally, it should be in your name, but at the very least you should have login credentials. This means you can see what is going on with your campaign, particularly if you review the change history report.

They’ll provide monthly reports or updates. Part of being transparent is getting monthly progress reports from your Google AdWords Specialist. For some, this is a report or an email that goes over the previous month. Or it could be a phone call.

They have years of experience. Too often many so-called expert spring onto the scene, having only been doing a task for a few months. And there are many talented managers who haven’t been doing the work for long but have put the necessary hours in to learn the ins and outs. Still, you want someone who has been doing this for a while to know they’ve put in the hours of testing and learning.

Google Ads is one of the best, if not the best, way for many businesses to reach their targeted market. Yet, this can only be accomplished through a variety of tasks. A Google specialist might be more than what your web designer offers to do the work for, but the difference in results will be well worth the additional costs.

You don’t ask your electrician to take care of your plumbing. So why trust your AdWords to someone who doesn’t do it full time.

If you’re looking for a Google AdWords specialist with experience, then contact me. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and over the years helped hundreds of businesses to succeed online. Schedule a conversation with me today to learn if I’m the person to manage your campaign.