The goalf for most Google Ads campaign is to either generate leads. Yet, many marketers are frustrated when their phone isn't riinging or their forms aren't being filled out.

I’ll often start working with a client who is asking me to assist with Google AdWords and at some point they’ll often say the same thing. Why isn’t anyone calling our company, even though we are getting a lot of clicks?

The problem is that getting traffic to a site is one thing. Getting them to be customers can be something else.

Discover why your Google AdWords campaign isn't generating sales or leads
Why isn't your Google AdWords not generatng leads

Pay per click is a great way to generate traffic, but that is all it does. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending 5 dollars a click or 50, if they don’t like what they see after the click, that money is just wasted.

Here are a few reasons that traffic doesn’t always mean customers.

1) You’re targeting the wrong keywords. You may think you know what customers are using and you may be right. But do you know the motivation behind them. Are they phrases they use because they are doing research to find what they need? Instead focus on the words they’ll use when they know what they want.

2) Your landng page doesn’t have content related to what your customers are looking for. Especially with pay per click, it’s easy to simply choose words even if they aren’t related to the information you have on your site. If they get to your site and don’t find what they want, they’ll simply go on to the next site which does have content related to their search.

3) Your web site sucks. The sad truth is that many sites just aren’t good. Has it become out of date or was it put together by a friend or relative? First impressions do matter and if your site looks amateurish or isn’t user friendly, it won’t convert visitors.

4) Your site looks even worse on a cell phone or an iPad. Even if your site looks halfway good, it might not work too well when viewed on a cell phone. In the past this wasn’t an issue as you could set campaigns to just computers. Google’s Enhance Campaign changes this. The solution is to bid differently for cell phones. If you don’t do this, your ads will cost you the same, no matter how prospects view them. And the cost will be the same.

5) You’re sending visitors to your home page instead of having landing pages for campaign. Too many people make the mistake of setting up a pay per click campaign and then directing all the ads to the home page. The better option is to direct them to a landing page that has the material related to what they’re searching for. The best option is to create landing pages for the campaign.

6) Even for the best sites, conversion rates are low. The sad fact is that conversion rates for most websites is anywhere from 2-5%. That means for every one hundred visitors you have, you might only get a couple of calls or form requests. This is why you need to do what you can to ensure your success. So that these few calls or requests become customers.

If you’re not having success with your campaign, simply continuing on with your current strategy will only result in a loss of money and most as importantly a loss in time. It’s time to step back and assess not just your website, but your campaign. If you don’t have the time, or background, to do this yourself then consider hiring a Google Ads Expert. The cost of their services will be made up over time as you start to generate more business and lower your cost per click.