It seemed simple enough. A client wanted to change the settings on a campaign, but to do this we had to create a new campaign. So I duplicated the campaign in Bing's editor program and then loaded it online. At the same time, we paused on of the ad groups in the duplicated campaign because it wasn't showing good results.

You must constantly monitor your Google AdWords campaign
Constantly watch your Google AdWords

The next morning, I checked the campaigns and it seemed like it was active. There were no impressions, but that wasn't surprising since the data is always behind. And I checked to make sure the ads were showing up in the search results. A few hours later, however, I checked and realized there was a problem. The paused campaigns showed impressions and a number of clicks. The active campaigns were showing nothing.

I contacted Bing and even they were confused. They offered to look into it, but the problem persisted for a few more hours. The biggest problem was that the ad group that wasn't to be running at all was also generating clicks. I hadn't paused the original ad group because the entire campaign was supposedly paused.

Bing never did really figure out what happened this day and to their credit they refunded the money for clicks for the ad group that wasn't to be running. Yet, if I hadn't been monitoring the campaign the problem could have gone unnoticed (assuming the problem took care of itself). And my client would have lost money.

If you have a pay per click campaign going, even if it's been incredibly successful, you need to be constantly monitoring it. Here are a few reasons why.

Glitch happens

As my experience with Bing shows, things happen. And to be fair I've seen errors with Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads that shouldn't have happened. Campaigns that aren't supposed to be running on certain days are running continuously, keywords that have been targeted don't trigger ads, etc. There are millions of ads running every second so it's easy to see why advertising platforms occasionally don't work correctly.

Your Competitors Aren't Sitting Still

It's not just that your competitors are constantly testing new ads, landing pages or even keywords, there are new competitors coming onto the scene. Businesses that have been hesitant about pay per click are now making the leap. Where before your 10-dollar bid was enough to get you into the top three, now your ads are running along the side.

Your Missing Out On Opportunities

The way people search constantly changes. Google admits a significant portion of searches each month are for phrases they've never encountered before. Both Bing and Google AdWords offer a list of suggested phrases each month as part of their recommendations. Review them and either discard them or apply them to your campaign. You might discover some very valuable keywords this way.

The Ad Companies Make Changes

When Google changed to Enhanced Ads it was a big story. Yet, both all the advertising platforms are constantly tweaking their programs and rolling out new features. They alert advertisers to these changes in emails and on their blogs, but if you don't pay attention to these you again might be missing out on marketing opportunities.

You're Wasting Money on Certain Words

Part of your review should include looking at the data on the words you're targeting. It's likely some of these aren't bringing in the type of traffic you expected. Also look at the actual keywords people are typing in when they click on your ad. You can do this by looking at the Search Terms Report while in the keyword tab. Most likely a number of these aren't even related to your business and can easily be eliminated by changing match type or adding negative keywords.

Pay per click campaigns aren't a set it and forget type of program. If you haven't done anything with your campaign in a while, then it might be time for a pay per click audit. Most likely you're wasting money with part of your campaign and missing out on opportunities with other areas.

As a Google AdWords Consultant I can take a brief look at your campaign to see if there is wasted spend with your campaign or missed opportunities. Click here to see if qualify for a free PPC Audit.