To many people pay per click seems to go against the philosophy of content marketing. After all, much of content marketing is considered earned media, either through ebooks, blogs, or SEO. Yet, pay per click should be an integral part of an online marketing campaign even if it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture.

integrate PPC into your plans

Here are some of the ways in which pay per click can improve your content marketing strategy.

Generate data right away

The one major disadvantage of SEO and content marketing is that it often takes time to show results. Target the wrong words and you’ve not just lost out on a lot of time, but also a lot of business to your competitors. With pay per click you can test words quicker to see what response you get. After you’ve found the words that generate the most leads then these should be the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy.

Often overlooked by many people is that Google analytics doesn’t reveal many of the keywords people used to find a site. This has lessened the effectiveness of analytics in assessing a content marketing campaign. After all, which phrases are driving the most relevant traffic to your site? Yet, Google does show the words that people used if they clicked on an ad. So again this can tell you which phrases are the most effective for your content marketing strategy.

Expand Your Keyword List

With any marketing strategy you develop a list of words to target. If you want to expand on this list then pay per click allows for this. Often many people begin a campaign by doing broad match with their phrases. While this generates a lot of traffic it also results in a lot of wasted clicks as many of the phrases are not even close to the phrases you’ve picked. Modified broad match is often a better choice as you can still generate a lot of phrases without getting too far off target.

After you’ve run the campaign for a while then go to your keywords list and click on keyword details and then select all. You’ll see the actual phrases that triggered your ad. Often you’ll discover new phrases that could be just as beneficial for your content marketing campaign.

Finding Ideas for Blogs

In looking at the keyword phrases that triggered your ads you’ll often see phrases that say what, where, or how. These questions can be great ideas for blogs. Remember these are the phrases your targeted market is actually using, so it can often give you real insight into their thinking.

Pay Per Click as Lead Nurturing

When a person visits your site, the chances of them actually becoming a customer are slim. One report stated that 96% of people visit a site never to come back. Even if visitors fill out a form, there is no guarantee that they’ll become a customer. Instead they’re often just a lead that still needs to be nurtured. So periodically you send them emails with offers or content they might find beneficial. By keeping your name in front of them, their chance of becoming a customer becomes much greater.

Google’s Remarketing is another way to remind visitor that you’re out there. This type of campaign doesn’t just have to target people who’ve clicked on your ad, but who’ve visited your site. When they visit your site a cookie is placed on their computer. Then when they go to another site that features Google Display ads, they’ll see an ad for your business. A day or two later when they go to a completely different site they’ll see a different ad. Done right Google Remarketing can be a very effective tool.

These are just some of the ways that pay per click can be incorporated into a content marketing campaign. Successful content marketing begins with a strategic plan that evolves as you go. Pay per click can help develop the foundation of your campaign and provide additional ammunition as you go.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use pay per click for content marketing, then contact me. I’ve worked on thousands of ad campaigns as well as having developed numerous content marketing plans.