What is search marketing? It's a question a lot of people are still asking. More importantly, the answer to this question is constantly evolving. All people really know for sure is that they need to be found online and that somehow this term search marketing relates to it.

A couple days ago I restarted an old campaign on Bing, not taking the time to look at all the keywords being targeted. With most of my campaigns on Bing I know I can set a daily amount and not worry about it coming close to its limit.

What I didn't realize is that one of the phrases I had put in this campaign was "what is search marketing." Even though the campaign had run only a few hours overnight, it had reached its limit for not just the day it started, but by this morning it was reached for the second day.

The problem is that the term search marketing isn't even agreed upon by people in the industry. Some thinks it’s primarily pay per click while others consider it to be SEO and pay per click. Still others, like me, consider it anything that people can use on the internet to reach prospects.  This could be your site, or it could be a Facebook page or even a listing in a local directory. It could even be an image, a pdf, or a video.

If your typing in what is search marketing, chances are you know that you need to generate prospects online. After all they aren't using the phone book anymore and many of your prospects aren't seeing your ad in the newspaper.

It doesn't matter what your business is there are people looking for your products or services. The first step is than to find the words they are using to looking for what you offer. Keyword research is crucial to not just SEO, but also pay per click.

Keyword research, SEO, developing content for your site and social media, all take time to do. This is why it’s often best to bring in a professional or firm. They can put you on the right path and explain to you how your search marketing campaign will work. And also explain to you that this campaign will evolve through the years.

The answer I would have given to what is search marketing ten years ago is vastly different from what it is today. And most likely my answer ten years from now will be completely different as well. Ten years ago I wouldn't have even discussed mobile phones, but now it’s one of the more important tools available to many businesses. In ten years we might have little use for computers.

Google Ads is one of the primary elements of search marketing. As a Google AdWords consultant I help businesses that want to succeed with the paid marketing.