If you’re a Google AdWords client you’ve likely seen the notice at the top of your sign in screen that your campaign will be upgraded to an Enhanced Campaign in a few months. Or you can choose to upgrade right now. If you haven’t noticed it, then you would have at least received an email this week alerting you to it.

Enhanced Google AdWords campaigns
Enhanced Campaigns are a new Google Ads Feature

On its own blog, Google cited a survey that said that 90% of people with multiple devices move from one device to the next during a search. Google Enhanced Campaign is designed to take this into consideration with their AdWords platform. So ads can be set to run for PC’s and for mobile devices, all from the same campaign. In the past most businesses would set up two campaigns with one specifically targeting mobile.

With Enhanced only one campaign is needed, and Google will identify what device a person is accessing an ad on and then redirect the person to the page for that device. The belief is that this will provide a better experience for searchers and also a better opportunity for advertisers.

One reason people would run a separate campaign for mobile is that they would often place a lower bid for keywords. Google realizes this and in enhanced bids can be set at a lower rate for devices for mobile. In fact, you can manage bids for your ads across not just devices, but location and time of day.

With mobile ads you can have call extensions. This allows customers to click on a mobile ad and call your business directly, at no cost. Given that more and more searches are done on a mobile, phone this could be particularly effective for many types of businesses, such as restaurants or service providers.

I suspect the chief motivation for Enhanced Campaign is the proliferation of smart phones and their high usage. They also realize many advertisers are struggling with running campaigns over the various devices people are using. Whether this is the best option for all advertisers, however, is another story. Some may long for the old way to develop campaigns.

Whatever your opinion of the possibilities, by June of this year, all campaigns will have been upgraded to enhanced.

The problems of Enhanced Campaigns

My main complaint with enhanced is that you can currently target mobile devices and tablets each individually. Often for clients I set up campaigns designed specifically for each device. There are advantages to it such as seeing the click through rates over each platform.

Another reason to have multiple campaigns is that searchers are at different stages of the buying process when they search. For mobile phones I often focus on words that are at the latter stages of their searches. I’d focus on specific products and not general phrases which often indicated people were simply doing research on what they needed. So now instead of doing campaigns separated by device, you have to develop by certain phrases. Then for the ones that I don’t want to target with mobile phones adjust the bid to almost nothing.

Who should switch now

If you just started running a campaign, then it wouldn’t hurt to begin now, particularly as staring a new campaign will already be done with enhance. And if you’re not currently running campaigns targeting mobile phones or tablets, then you might as well switch and just adjust the bids accordingly. You might discover you’ve been missing out

Also some businesses are more geared toward this. If you serve a community, then having the click to call options are definitely worth it. If people need a pizza or someone to repair their sewers right away, clicking on ad will benefit them.

If you serve more than one location, then enhanced also has advantages. You can adjust the bids easily for each location. More than likely each location has its own competition and as a result the cost per click can vary dramatically. Ideally however, you want to make sure that the targeted communities are mentioned in the ads so again you might decide to run separate campaigns.

People are indeed using a variety of devices for their searches anymore. Whether Google Enhance Campaigns will help advertisers connect with these searchers better will remain to be seen. One thing about Google, however, is that it’s constantly striving to provide a better experience for searchers. And because of this, advertisers benefit in the long run.