In shopping for a vehicle the otherday I was shocked by the different approaches the salespersons took and howtheir manner is symptomatic of many of the problems typically found with payper click campaigns.

A car salesman can provide answers about pay per click
Learn lessons from a car salesperson

The first dealership I visited was aSubaru and I had just started looking at one vehicle when a salesman came upfrom behind me and offered me his hand. After introducing himself I told himwhat type of vehicle I was interested and most importantly, my budget. Heimmediately took me to one vehicle in that range and after looking at that fora while showed me another. He also took the time to find out what sort oftraveling I’d be doing and how many family members I had.

When we went to his office, he leftfor a few minutes to get me the payment terms for the vehicle I was interestedin. I had told him I was doing a trade-in but didn’t want to go into thattoday. When he came back with his monthly payments, he had added a number atthe bottom. For each thousand dollars my trade in was worth this amount wouldbe taken off my monthly payments. it was a simple way to get a closer estimateof what I’d actually be paying.

When you’re running a pay per clickcampaign don’t just have them go to your home page where you’d likely have anumber of products or options. Have the ad focus on a specific need and thenaddress it immediately. The objective is to reach relevant prospects to yourbusiness and then directly connect them with what they are looking for. Ifthey’re looking for red widgets in a specific price range, don’t have them landon a page with more expensive blue widgets. It won’t do either of you any good.

And anticipate what additionalconcerns or questions they might have and either answer it on that page or makeit apparent where they could find it. If you can anticipate some of their otherconcerns or questions it will help you have a better chance of connecting withyour visitor. But don’t try to overwhelm them with information or attempt togain too much information on them.

Too many businesses do what the nextdealership did, try to get a lot of my contact information immediately anddon’t address what I’m specifically looking for.

Having made good time at the Subarudealer, I decided to stop at the nearby Ford dealer. On entering their showroom,I had to wait for someone to become available. Eventually I was introduced to asaleswoman who took me back to her desk. I told her the same things I had justtold the previous salesperson, but her response was quite different. She took along form out and began to ask me a series of questions. I explained to herthat I was just trying to see what was in my ballpark in terms of monthlypayment and didn’t want to go into too much detail until I had done a littlemore research. She told me that the only way she could do that was to gatherthis information. She also wanted all the details on my trade-in. My firstinclination was to leave then, but I thought I might as well get an estimate tocompare to others.

After sitting at her desk for morethan a half hour she finally took me out to the lot. She explained she only hada couple vehicles that fit my needs. I looked at a couple of the SUVs they had,but it was apparent one was not going to fit my needs. When we returned to her desk,I had to wait another half hour as she worked out the details and had someonetest drive my vehicle. When I finally was handed my estimate, it was more than30% higher than the budget I had told her. I had wasted nearly 90 minutes of mytime.

If this had been a website, I wouldhave hit the back button much sooner in the process, probably in the first 30seconds. After all, with both her and the previous salesperson I had saidimmediately I was just browsing at this point and just wanted to complete alist of available vehicles. Yet, so many websites I visit take the same approachas this Ford dealership. They begin by requiring me to fill out a form with myname, email, phone number etc. If you’re doing that, you’re going to scare awayvisitors who are in the early stages of the buying process. Instead ofbookmarking your site, they go to your competitors.

Most importantly if your advertisingone thing with your pay per click campaign then that should be what the focusof your landing page should be. I had told the Ford salesperson immediatelywhat my range was and what type of vehicle I was interested in. If she had saidimmediately she didn’t have anything in my range I wouldn’t have thought muchof it. I would have left without having wasted my time and I wouldn’t have leftwith a bad impression of this particular dealership.

Car salespersons like to boast theycan put together a buyer with the vehicle of their dreams. Yet, they’re betteroff putting them with the vehicle they are looking for and with your budget.When your developing your campaign think about who your potential buyer is andthen target an ad specifically related to them. It does no good to have themwalk around a lot, when most of the vehicles on it, won’t meet their needs.