This holiday season advertisers spent millions of dollars advertising on Google Adwords. Many were frustrated because the cost per click had increased for many of them. And they were limited in what they could do with their ad campaigns.

Advertise on Bing Ads

If you’re marketing on Google and either want to expand on your marketing efforts or try a different approach, then consider Bing Ads. Many people dismiss Bing Ads, thinking it’s an inferior marketing platform, but for many businesses it can be remarkably effective.

Here are six reasons to try Bing Ads for the first time or give it a second chance.

Bing reaches people you can’t reach on Google.

According to Bing’s own data, there are 51 million people who use Bing exclusively. So this is a good chunk of the population that you’re missing out on if you market only with Google Adwords. Overall there are about 159 million people who use Bing so even for those on Google, this is another way to connect with them.

You reach Yahoo visitors, as well.

Bing has a partnership with Yahoo so when someone searches on their platform they’ll be exposed to your ads. Yahoo is one of the top 5 search engines so it’s also a pretty significant market.

It’s easy to transfer a campaign over to Bing Ads.

Bing Ads seems comfortable to be in the shadow of Google Adwords and often starts offering the same features soon after Google introduces them. They’ve also made it easy to transfer your successful campaign over directly to Bing. Simply input your login information and it will download your entire campaign. Granted you have to review it and often make some tweaks, but it’s still a major time saving device.

They offer features that Google Adwords doesn’t provide.

Many advertisers were disappointed when Google stopped allowing the use of phone numbers in ads. Bing still allows this. They also allow you to separate campaigns for tablet, phone, and laptop. One of the most frustrating features of Google Enhanced is that you can only run one campaign across all these devices.

The cost is much lower.

There is much less competition on Bing so the cost per click is often significantly lower. If you’re tired of seeing your cost per click increasing, while ROI lowers, then Bing Ads might be an alternative.

For Some Industries Bing Ads coverts higher.

There are some industries that simply convert better on Bing Ad. Tech companies for one often convert higher and aren’t subject to the same scrutiny they receive on Google Adwords (although maybe they should). There are other industries that also seem to convert higher.

If you’re interested in marketing on Bing then feel free to contact me. I’m certified by Bing Ads for their advertising platform, as well as being a Google Adwords Certified Partner.