Every once in awhile, I get a call or an email from aclient who is in a panic. Their ads aren't running on Google Ads. They’vechecked on their phone, or their laptop, for a key phrase and their ads werenowhere to be seen.

Fnd out why your ads aren't running on Google
Are you not seeing your ads on Google? Here's why.

They naturally assume their ads run all the time. So surely there must be something wrong if they don’t see them.

I’ll look into the issue because I know ads not running means losing out on potential business.

What I often find is that there is a reason their ads aren't running and it's not because of any error.

More often than not there are legitimate reasons their ads aren’t running and its not due to an error or their budget, although the latter is often a primary reason.

Here are some typical reasons why your ads aren'tshowing up when you search.

The budget is used up

You look into your account you see that you still haven’treached your daily spend, so you assume that your ads still show be displaying.

The problem is the data is not in real-time. The number of impressions being shown and more importantly, the number of clicks for the day usually isn't up to the minute. Your budget was used up an hour ago, but the data hasn’t caught up to that.

One way to determine if this is the problem is to look ifyou’re getting often getting a warning that your campaign is Limited By Budget.This means your budget is typically used up while your ads still have time torun.

Next to the warning is a graphic with a graph on it.Click that and you’ll see what your daily budget should be. Obviously, the solution to this problem is to raise your budget, but this is easier said than done. You might not have the budget to reach this spending limit.

Budget limited means your ads won't be appearing at all times.
Your limited budget restricts how often your ads appear

Another option would be to shorten the period in which your ads run. Review when you get the most conversions and eliminate the timesof the day when you don’t convert, as well.

The budget is nearly used up

This is basically the same problem. While you may still have money left in your account, it is dwindling. This means your ads aren't going to be shown all the time. Google is trying to ensure that your ads show up every hour they’re scheduled, even if its only a few minutes of that hour.

If they were, and a number of people clicked on your ad,then you'd be overspending significantly for the day. Google will go over as much as 100% of your daily budget on a particularly busy day but tries to avoid anything more. As a result, your ads will only show sporadically and often at alower bid.

The Campaign is Set to Show Evenly Throughout the Day

Many people don't realize when they set their budget the default is set to show ads evenly throughout the day. If you're typically reaching your daily budget, Google and Bing will pause your ads occasionally so that they will appear throughout the day.

If you look early in the day and don’t see your ads, it’s because Google is holding back so that you still have room in the budget to runlater.

The Ads Are in Violation of Google Ads Policy

More serious reason ads aren't running is because they'rein violation of some ad policy. I’m not talking about what you're sellingsomething that is prohibited such as guns or pharmaceutical products. If thiswere the case your ads wouldn’t even have appeared. Instead, I’m talking aboutthings that can come up related to your ads.

When the url changes for your site or the site is down, then your ads will be rejected
An issue with your website could result in disapproval

A common one is that your destination is not working.This means your url isn’t working. It could be that your website is temporally down and you’re not aware of it. Another mistake that happens is that a websiteis updated and suddenly the page you link to in your ad has changed its url.

It could also be that you're using trademarked terms inyour ad, such as Dell or Apple. If you're in fact legally eligible to include a brand name, then you'll need to provide proof. This isn't always easy. One of my clients was in fact, an Apple affiliate, but Apple wouldn't provide proof ofthis until we had the correct logo in their specific dimensions prominently on the site.

There are a lot of brand names, however, and you might inadvertently have incorporated one into your ad without knowing it. You would see a warning that your ad is limited. If you see impressions for the ad you might be all right. If there are no impressions, then either appeal or revise it.

You're Not Bidding Enough

The problem might not be with your ads or your budget.You’re simply bidding too low for a keyword. Often, you’ll see a warning in your keywords. Below First Page Bid alongwith an amount that would presumably get you to that first page.

A reason your ad isn't showing is because your bid isn't enough to get on the first page.h
Below first page bid means not on the 1st page

One proviso about the bid amount they suggest is that it’s not always accurate and it's fluid. You could bid the amount they suggest and the next day find your still not there. When you increased your bid, thecompetitors might have done the same.

One thing I would suggest is to look at your impressions and most importantly your clicks. While you might not be on the first page all the time you might appear there occasionally. If you’re getting enough clicksat your current price and don't want to increase your bids then stand pat. Just be aware that you’re not going to be that your ad won’t be visible all thetime.

Ideally, you want to be in the top 3 positions, but don’t do it if the bid is so high it’s no longer profitable.

Rarely Shown (low Quality Score)

Google Ads is not strictly about the highest bid. Google doesn’t make money if someone bids high, but no one clicks on your ad.

A low Quality Score means your ads won't appear over the time.
Low Quality Score impacts your ad showing

Instead they rely on Ad Rank to determine where ads appear. It’s your bid times your Quality Score. We’ve already reviewed bids,but now we must address Quality Score.

Quality Score is a subject onto itself and I’ve writtenan article on What is Quality Score and How to Improve It.

Here I’ll just give you a Cliff’s Notes version of what Quality Score is.

It’s your expected Click through rate based on your ad position, the relevance of your ad and the landing page experience. The part that gets the most emphasis here is your click-through rate. If people aren’t clicking on your ads, Google will replace it with a competitor’s ad that does get clicks.

As I mentioned there is a lot involved in Quality Score,but the main thing I’d advise is to make sure your ad is relevant to the keyword you’re targeting. And that the prospects who see that ad will beconvinced you have what they’re searching for.

One of Your Ads Is Low Quality

Many clients ask me why their impressions share is lower for one of the ads they have running for a specific ad group. For example, you have two ads running for a keyword term to see which performs better. You have them set to run evenly, but one is showing fewer times than the other.

That's because Google finds one of the ads doesn't meet their quality standards and as a result doesn't often show on the first page of Google when it's in play. This is a pretty strong indicator of a poor performing ad.

Negative Keyword Conflict

You might have once not offered a product or service and blocked it with negative keywords. Now you offer this and have forgotten about your negative keyword. You’ll see a warning when you log into your account. Youj ust need to remove the negative and your ads will run.

Your Impressions Count

When clients tell me they've searched for their ads, I always remind them of one thing. Each time they do, it counts as an impression.Even if they've found their ad, they've increased the number of impressions and lowered their click-through rate. And if they look at their smartphones, they affect it in another way. For example, Google often shows only two ads usually at the top and if you don't click on your ad, the next time you search you'll likely see two different ads.

No matter what, searching for your ads manually is not agood idea.

How To Determine Why Your Ads Aren’t Showing.

The best option when looking to see if your ads are appearing is to use the ads preview tool provided by Google. You can safely check on your ad and in the process find out when your ads not appearing andwhy.

To get to this tool look for the wrench at the top of the screen. When you click on this look for Ad Preview in the left-hand column.

When using this tool make sure to set your target market. If you’re just advertising in Atlanta, then set this as your location.

Also keep in mind that you can set the device to mobile,tablet, or desktop.

There are a number of advantages to this tool outside of finding out if you’re ad is showing. It’s a good way to check on your ads ifyou’re in a different location than where they run. You can also see where itscurrently showing and what your competitors are also doing.

If you're relying on pay per click to generate leads foryour business, then you want your ads running when they're supposed to be. Otherwise, potential leads are going to your competition.

If you're looking for assistance with your campaign, then consider bringing in a Google Ads Consultant such as myself. Not only will Imake sure your ads are running, but that they're targeting your specific market. That you're getting the highest return on your investment.