Google Ads is one of the easiest advertising platforms there is.

It’s immediate.

You can stop and start it as you please.

You can target single communities or reach customers nationwide.

You can change the text of your ad, point it to a different page of your site, or change the words you are targeting. And do all of this in just a few minutes.

You can also blow through your marketing budgets in a matter of minutes and have nothing to show for it.

Pay per click management is about getting the most out of your advertising budget.

It’s a much slower process as you test out variables of your campaign, from your keywords to the content on your landing page, as well as which medium to target. The result, however, is that you get a much better return on investment with your advertising dollars. And once you’ve completed your testing you can start to focus on your leads and not worry about where your money is going.

Here are five quick fixes that can help you get a much better return on investment. According to one survey, for every dollar spent on pay per click can generate two dollars in revenue. These steps can help you do better than this.

1. Choose the right keyword setting. You’ve started your campaign and you’re getting a lot of traffic from the keywords your chosen. But depending on the setting you choose, a lot of this traffic could be useless. If a lot of traffic is your goal then keep the setting to broad. If you want more targeted traffic, then switch to phrase. And if you really want to limit your traffic then set it to exact. Only when people type in your exact words will the ads be triggered. I prefer phrase match because it falls somewhere in between.

2. Take advantage of negative keywords. As much as I like phrase match it has its drawbacks. If I’m doing a campaign for pay per click management, I want customers. If someone types in free pay per click management, there not looking to spend money. They’re just looking for free advice. By targeting free as a negative keyword, these phrases won’t show.

3. Don’t try for the top spot. Everyone wants to be on top, but this also means you have to spend to get there. I much prefer the number 3 spot as its costs less but is still prominent on the page. It also means your daily budget won’t be used up right away. In fact, as the budget of your competitors is used up your ad can make it to that top spot, and you haven’t spent what they spent to get there. Don’t go much below the third position, however. The top 3 positions account for 40% of all clicks.

4. Avoid general phrases. When people use the keyword tool to look for phrases, they often target the words that have the most searches. Yet, these are often the words that convert the least. For example, if you sell DVD players then this would seem an ideal phrase to target. Yet if someone is typing just DVD players, they are probably just doing research. Trying to find out which are the best brands to own and which features they should have. So target Samsung DVD players if you sell this brand. If people are typing in this phrase they likely looking to purchase and just wanting to get the best price.

5. Use the conversion optimization tool. Google wants you to succeed with pay per click because if you do, you’ll keep advertising. They provide many tools and resources to help you do better with your campaigns. One of the best is the conversion optimization tool they offer. It takes some assistance with your webmaster as some code must be installed on a page. But according to Google own data, campaigns that use the Conversion Optimizer see a 21% increase in conversions while decreasing cost per acquisition by an average of 14%.

Pay per click can be a great marketing tool if used properly. It has targeting options that make it easy to focus on your specific market. If you are losing money with Google Adwords than consider hiring someone with experience in pay per click management. It isn’t just about saving money with pay per click, it’s about building your business. As some who is a Google Adwords Partner, I’ve worked on thousands of campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in sales.

Contact me and I’ll be glad to review your current campaign.