In the old days of Google Ads, when it was still called Google Adwords, writing ads was a challenge. You only had a limited number of characters to use. 25 for a headline and two lines of description of 35 characters each.

95 total characters (which included spaces) was less than a tweet. It was a struggle to fit a compelling message with so few letters.

In 2020, the ads are more than triple that length. You can have up to three headlines of 30 characters. And two descriptions that can each be 90 characters.

It would seem that it would be easier to write ads with so many more characters. Yet it can be just as daunting to write a long ad as a short one.

A successful ad has to do many things.

• It must be noticed.

• It must appeal to your specific market

• It must address the needs or concerns of that market.

• It must turn off prospects who aren't a good business for your products or services.

How Do You Decide If Your Ad Is Successful?

There are a number of ways to judge how success your ads are, but three stand out above the rest.

The first is the click-through rate of that ad.

There are elements that go into your ad's click-through rate that don't involve the copy, such as its position and how relevant it is to the keywords it's being used for.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to is if it attracts the attention of your best prospects when they are searching for what you offer.

This leads into the second criteria, the conversion rate.

A high click through rate and a high conversion rate don’t always go hand in hand.

I’ve seen ads with lower click through rates than the other ads in an ad group, but which had significantly higher conversion rates.

The final criteria is brand awareness. Your goal might be to make people aware of your business, even if they don't click on your ad. That your creating your company's image.

I typically have 2 expanded text ads and one respsonsive ad in each ad group. It's also what Google recommends.

Google suggests having 2 expanded text ads and one responsive.

This is why you want 3-4 ads in each ad group to see which one does best. Then consistently introduce new ads to improve on your results.

How To Create Expanded Text Ads

Both an expanded test ad and a responsive ad have the same elements that show. A standard google ads text ad is made up of:

Headline 1

This is where its best to put the keyword you are targeting. This ensures it reflects the search of the person you’re trying to attract.

Headline 2

It’s often a good idea to use a strong call to action here. Or highlight an element that makes you stand out significantly from the competition.

Your most important message must be included in the first two headlines. Everything else should help reinforce this message.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to have the two headlines appear to be one sentence. The second headline could be shown below the first or even be shortened.

Headline 3 (optional)

For the moment this line is seldom shown, but that doesn’t mean it's not being used at all.

I try to put something relevant to the product or service or possibly the business itself. Relevant, yet not crucial. If it’s something important use it in of the other headlines or the ad text.

Display Path

Often overlooked is adding a display path to your url.

Using display path doesn't change your url, but it does make it seem as if the page is relevant to your keywords.

You can have two paths, each of up to 15 characters long.

In my ad below I've added Certified Ads and Consultant as my paths. It's subtle, but effective.

Expanded text ads allows us to add display paths to the url being shown
In the text add the display url is different than the real url

Description 1

This is where you can expand on the benefits of your products or services or additonal information on your company.

Description 2 (optional)

This line is not always shown.

A Breakdown of Responsive Search Ads

In this ad type you can put up to 15 headlines and four descriptions. From this Google will create a variety of ads. 43,680 to be exact.

Remember though that they show in the same format as an expanded text ad.

Two things to know about this ad format.

One the click-through rate is often lower than most of your expanded text ads. Not all combinations work.

Second, it will show up in more search resultsthan an expanded text ad will.

This means that even if the CTR is lower, your ad will appear in searches your regular ads will.

It's best to create as many headlines and descriptions as you can. Google will even hint when your ad isn't up to its potential.

In responsive search ads, ad strength relates to the effectiveness of your ads and where your lacking
Ad strength lets you know your responsive ad needs work.

Google is giving more prominence to this ad format and now you might not even find the option to create an expanded text ad.

The main thing to remember is that not all of your headlines should be used as the main headline. This is why its critical to pin some of your headlines as a number 2. They simply don't work if they are shown first.

Elements of Successful Google Ads - Real Examples

Need some ideas on how to write your ads? Here are some great examples of how to write successful Google Ads that stand out from the competition.

For each of these ads, I’ve included actual examples from Google. I purposely chose ads that I didn’t write and that don’t involve any businesses I represent.

I wanted to be objective with my approach.

Include the Search Term in The Ads

This is relatively simple to do, and many do this already.

The problem is that that many marketers throw together a lot of keywords together in one ad group and as a result, only one or two of these words are used in the ad.

You want to have tightly themed ad groups. This ensures that the ad specifically reflects the keywords in that group.

In the ads below the first company most likely offers mold remediation, but not all prospects will know that. That's because they've grouped together services such as mold remediation and water damage together.

My guess is that most searchers will simply go with the second business.

Use keywords in your Google AdWords  title to make them stand out for searchers
With expanded text ads use the first line to include the keyword being targeted

Build a Benefits Focused Headline

Make sure that the prospect understands how they’ll benefit from your work or product.

If you’re a Realtor, you’ll help them get top dollar for their home. Or help them find their dream home.

In the case of the Realtor below how you’ll help them save money, but not paying Realtor fees.

Mention benefits when writing your expanded text ad
Highlight a benefit of your product or service

Have a Strong Call to Action

Using words like act now or call today make them think they should act immediately. Your goal is that they take some sort of action after seeing your ad.

In the second ad you not only learn the potential money you might save, but that you should act immediately.

When writing an expanded text ad in Google Ads have a strong call to action
When writing expanded text ads have a strong call to action.

An added bonus to having the search term in the text of the ad is that its bolded in the search results. Despite being in the third position, the ad stands out because auto insurance and Orlando have been bolded by Google.

Use Numbers in Your Google Ads

If all your ad has is text, it’s easy for people to gloss over them

If you break up an ad with numbers it will make them stand out. Especially if you combine that with a symbol as in the ad below.

When writing Google Ads use numbers to attract attention
Numbers in text ads can draw the attention of searchers

Capitalize Each Word in the Title and the First Description in Google Ads

When people write out an ad, they’ll typically write as if they’re writing a standard sentence.

This seems more grammatically correct, but for whatever reason, Google’s own studies show that ads that use all caps have a better click through rate.

In the second ad below, you barely notice it because most of its lower case.

When writing Google ads use all capital at the start of each word, in the titles and first description.
In the first description line considering capitlizing each word

Talk To Your Prospects Directly

A successful ad speaks to a prospect in a number of ways.

One option is to speak to them directly as if you’re engaging in a conversation with them. Instead of saying 'selling a home', write 'selling your home.'

Avoid using words like me and I, because this indicates the focus is on you and not the prospect. This is a proven tactic from direct marketing campaigns of the past. Prospects respond to campaigns that seem to speak directly to them.

Address your prospects directly to atrract their attention with your Google Ads.
Speak to your prospects directly in your ads.

Ask a Question

As mentioned you want to have three ads in an ad group. Consider making one that begins with a question.

Do you need a plumber? Do you have a leaky faucet? Is your plumbing leaking?

It goes back to addressing your prospects directly with your ads.

Asking a question is a way to make your ads stand out from the competition
Consider asking a question with your ads

Don’t Waste Space On Your Company Name

Unless your company name is a recognized brand that people respond to, using your company name in the text on is a waste.

In the ads below all three clinics use their physicians name. As a result none of them stand out. Unless you happen to recognize one of the names, which is unlikely.

If your marketing to people looking for a plastic surgeon, put something like the number of years’ experience that you have. Or what type of plastic surgery they specialize in. Or how their life will be changed for the good.

Expanded ads allow you to provide even more information about your businesss
Use expanded text ads to include more information

Social Proof

One of the ways to get people to respond to your ad is to demonstrate your success with their peers.

Or mention a connection with a person or a company whose name they will immediately recognize.

In the ad below, it’s likely many people searching for kitchen cabinets have had some exposure to home shows on TV.

Mentioning HGTV in the ad will capture their attention. They’ll think of it almost as an endorsement of the company.

They also have a star rating for their business, another element that will appeal to consumers who have come to expect reviews of products and services. I'll mention extensions in the next section.

Use social proof in your ad to show how popular your product or service is.
A star rating can separate you from the competition

In the ad below they highlight the fact that they have a A+ BBB rating, and most importantly, they have a link to it on their site to confirm it.

A recommendation from a third party site is nearly as good as a number of reviews.

A BBB rating can make your ad stand out
A Better Business Bureau Rating has an impact.

Use Google Ads Extensions to Make Text Ads Stand Out Even More

I won’t go into detail about ad extensions as that would take its own article to do that. In fact, I’ve written one on how to use ad extensions.

All I’ll say is that by using extensions properly, you can add additional details to your ad and make it really stand out.

In the example below, the extensions answer many questions or concern a prospect might have.

This is an example of a successful Google Ads.
Google Ads Extensions help provide more informationon a business or offer.

A mistake I often see with extensions when they are used is that they include information already referenced in the ad copy. They’ll say they have 10 years’ experience in the ad copy, then have a callout that says the same thing.

Use callouts and other extensions to include additional detail about your company or about your products or services.

Reduce their Anxiety

Many of the people searching online are not sure who to trust.

If you have some differentiator that will put their mind at ease, then include it. A money back guarantee is almost always a great way to reduce concerns.

The ad below not only boasts that it will help prospects quit smoking but guarantees it.

A guarantee is a sure way to reduce objections.

Be careful that your differentiator is truly unique. In the ads below they literally have the same guarantee.

Your Google Ads should stand out with your text.
These lawyers use almost all the same wording.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Prospects might respond more if they think you have a limited number of offerings. They have a fear of missing out. In the ads below for luxury apartments, the first ad might take up more space. The second ad, however, suggests they might miss out on their apartments.

Another way to create expanded text ads on Google is to highlight a sense of urgency.
Create a sense of urgency. Prospect will fear they will miss out.

These are just some of the tactics you might want to use for your expanded text ads. The main thing is you want to find out something that will make you stand out from your competition.

Have a Compelling Offer

It goes without saying the people look for a great deal, no matter what they're looking for. Even when its apparent that your market is in a higher income bracket.

If you have a sale or some type of offer, then make that part of the focal point of your ad. Don't just mention it in passing.

In the ad below they use the seccond headline for their offer, which seems pretty strong.

Notice how prominent the offer is in this ad

Bonus Tip 1 - Use A Relevant Landing Page

The best campaigns are those that manage to take prospects to specific landing pages. As mentioned, anything referenced in the ad should also be incorporated on the landing page. This has nothing to do with writing the ads, but it shows the missed opportunities that can result.

The second ad in the campaign below is a very effective ad.

The landing page should relect the content of the expanded text ad
People click on ad expecting to be taken to a relevant page

The focus of the ad is on kitchen remodeling, but on clicking the second ad you’re taken to a page that isn’t relevant. The page is on whole home remodeling. No mention is made of kitchens.

A page devoted to kitchen remodeling, with examples of their work, as well as testimonials, would have succeeded better.

A misguided landing page can impact ad success
The landing page should be relevant to the ad.

Bonus Tip 2 – Use Negative Keywords

Often your ad will show up for products or services you don’t offer. For example, your ad shows up for a location you don’t service. This is wasted spend if they click on it.

Constantly monitor the search terms reports to find phrases that don’t apply. You want to eliminate these clicks from happening again. And it will help to your lower impressions, which helps your click through rate.

In the ad below for ski repair and tune up. While the second company might work on everything, it’s likely skis aren’t one of them. Since they are in Colorado, they’re most likely showing up a lot for these searches.

Adding negative keywords such as ski would prevent this from happening.

Use negative keywords to prevent your ads appearing for things that don't apply.
Negative keywords in Google Ads prevents mistakes like this for ski repair

Bonus Tip 3 – Always Be Testing

Ideally you want to have 3 or 4 ads in each ad group. Then as you start to get impressions, you’ll likely see one is better performing. That is the time to pause the least successful ad and try out a new one.

You want to be constantly improving your click through rate in order to beat out your competition. So try out some of the suggestions I’ve made and see how that impacts your results. Some might fail, but others could make a significant difference.

Bonus Tip 4 - Read Your Reviews and Testimonials

One way to find out what others think about your business is to read your reviews. Hopefully, they're positive.

In reading your client’s words you might find elements or attributes to use in your ad text. Often they specifically state why they chose your company or what they found so good about your product or service.

The Hidden Benefit of Successful Ads for Google Ads

Google doesn’t use an auction format for their ads.

The highest bidder doesn’t always get the top spot. They use a formula that incorporates Quality Score.

Google wants the ads that get the most clicks to show at the top. Google gets nothing if no one is clicking on ad, no matter how high the bid. So they reward the ads that get the most clicks.

If you have a better performing ad you can actually show above a competitor who is actually bidding higher.

Learning how to create successful Google AdWords ads can take time, but in the end it will make a difference.

For most businesses, pay per click can have a significant impact on revenue. If you want your business to succeed and you’re relying on Google Ads, then the text in your ads is important.

If you don’t have the time to do Google Ads on your own or simply need some guidance, then consider hiring a Google AdWords consultant. I’ve helped many businesses over the years, both large and small. So contact me today to learn if I can help you with my AdWords Management Services.