Your Google AdWords Campaign is humming along. You’ve found the words that convert the best and your Quality Score across the board is strong. You’ve been steadily adding long tail keywords to the campaign, but it’s to the point the additional traffic is minimal. There is however, a simple option to potentially increase your campaign by 30% and the addition could even lower your overall cost per click.

There are 51 million people who only use Bing. That’s a pretty significant amount. Through its search partnerships, there are 159 million people who use Bing search results at some point. While Bing Ads has a poor reputation among some marketers it has made many recent improvements. It’s also made it extremely easy to import a successful Adwords campaign.

It’s about Yahoo, Facebook, and Siri too

Bing’s reach is significant not just because of all the marketing they’ve done on television, but because of the partnerships they’ve made.

Most people don’t realize when they are on Yahoo and perform a search, the results they are seeing are from Bing. While Yahoo’s overall numbers have dropped in recent years, they still see a significant amount of traffic. So by doing Bing paid advertising you’re actually showing on two of the three most popular search engines.

Bing has a similar arrangement with Facebook. When you type in a business name or type of company, you’ll see Facebook pages first and below that search results from the web. While Facebook has its own marketing platform for display, its new Graph Search may cause members to search more while still logged into Facebook.

In another significant partnership, it was announced this past week that Bing would be powering Siri’s integrated web search on IPhone. This will happen in the fall, but when people ask their phones about restaurants or where to stay, the results will be from Bing. While this has nothing to do with pay per click, it could be significant in generating interest in Bing overall.

Transplanting your Google Campaign To Bing

If you’re currently running a successful campaign on Google, then this should be the basis of your Bing campaign. Bing has made this an extremely easy process to do. When your logged into your AdCenter account click Import from Google AdWords campaign. You'll need to provide your login information, but once provided you can choose which campaign you want to import. It's that simple.

One thing to remember though is to create new landing pages for Bing, even if the ones for Google are successful. Simply duplicate that page and give it a unique url. This way you can analyze the data easier in your analytics.

Chances are the number of searches and the cost per click will be much lower with Bing. And you might find it’s not worth doing after a while. Yet, it hasn’t taken much to set up and just allowing it to run for a month will cost about one fourth of what Google AdWords will have cost in that time. Even if you decide to pause it at some point, Bing has some interesting tools (which I’ll review later) that might provide new insight into your Google campaign.