Remarketing is all the rage among online marketers and it definitely has value for businesses. With remarketing you display ads to people who’ve visited your site. The idea being that since they visited your site, they’ve already shown some interest in what you offer. By reminding them of who you are, you have a chance to reconnect with them. And it only costs if they actually click on one of your ads again.

Google AdWords Remrketing

For branding purposes there is obvious value to remarketing. Although many people are becoming aware of the practice there are a still a number who aren’t aware of it. They see all the ads from a company and think they’re a major player with an unlimited marketing budget.

Remarketing is also good if you offer a number of services or have a promotion going on. You can connect with even your most loyal customers and alert them to something you offer they might not be aware of.  For example, a veterinarian can run ads reminding customers about getting shots for their pet or that they now offer doggy daycare. A paintball company can let customers know about promotions.

Yet, for all of the potential of remarketing, a number of businesses are failing miserably at remarketing.  For one, searchers are starting to catch on to remarketing and while they may not understand how it works, they are aware of it being used. This may lessen its value for some businesses.

Here are some ways in which remarketing becomes more of a hindrance than a benefit.

Not varying up the ads. Many businesses created a text ad and a display ad and then left it at that. Soon people will become anesthetized to the ad having seen it so many times. This is especially true if you have a small marketing list. Even if you’re not offering anything new, create more than one ad, with different graphics. That way it will at least seem fresh to people.

Display ads that don’t look good in certain sizes. When you create a display ad with Google AdWords you’re creating it for a number of sizes.  For some the graphics and text look good, but for others words may be cut off or half the image disappears. Test out the ads and only check off those that look just right.

They see your ads over and over and over again. Yes it’s nice to have your ads shown to customer all the time, but too often they see it too many times. You want to gently remind customers you’re out there. Not to shove your business down their throat. Set a daily cap on your remarketing so that they’re seeing it no more than 5 or 6 times a week.

Some industries should avoid remarketing altogether. For example, divorce lawyers, private investigators, even doctors. Anything in which privacy is a factor I think, should avoid remarketing altogether. If a spouse for example starts to see remarketing ads for an attorney, they may become suspicious.

Remarketing certainly has its benefits and when properly done has a higher conversion rate than traditional AdWords campaigns. And the fact that it doesn’t cost except when ad is clicked on makes it very cost effective. Yet, it must be set up properly as with any pay per click campaign. If you need assistance with setting up remarketing or pay per click, then contact me today.