I’m constantly surprised when companies contact me about their pay per click campaigns, expressing their disapproval of their current agency. They tell me that they’re no longer getting the results with their ads that they once did and/or that they never hear from their agency. A bill arrives promptly once a month, but that is about all the contact they have with them.

Things to look for when reviewing your campaign for issues
How to find evidence your ppc agency is bad

With one client I recently took on, I took a look at the ads their current agency had created for all

their campaigns and each Ad Group had the same ad, with only the location being changed. At the very least there should have been two ads in each ad group so that they could see which had a higher click through rate.  Testing ads is a critical element of successful pay per click management.

While it makes sense to turn over your campaign to a professional it doesn’t make sense that they shut you out of your own marketing campaign. First of all the account should be under your company’s name and that you still have some control over it.  You should never give them your user name and password, but instead have an agency or consultant link to your account.

With Google they make it especially easy for agencies to link to their clients though a Client Center. Bing also offers something similar with accounts that are post pay.

If your agency hasn’t been in touch a while, then look at the Change History in your account. If you’re not seeing much or any activity for a month, then what exactly are they billing you for?

Here are some things that should be occurring with your account.

•New ads should be created on a regular basis to test against the current ads

•New phrases should be added on a regular basis

Negative keywords should also be added on a regular basis as well

•Adjustments in bidding would most likely occur due to competitor’s activities

•New features should be added as Bing and Google Adwords constantly add new features to their platforms.

Another place to look for neglect of your account is the opportunities tab. This is where Google themselves offers suggestions on your account. If you log in and see the opportunities available, then log in again in a couple of weeks. If the same suggestions are there, it means they’re not taking advantage of these opportunities. Even if some of the suggestion don’t apply, they’ll at least be removed from the list.

Finally, do they get back to you in a reasonable amount of time when you have a question? I try to get back to clients the same business day even if it’s to tell them that I’ll get back to them with an answer by the next day.

If you’re marketing agency is MIA; part of the responsibility has to fall with you. Not that you picked the wrong agency (mistakes do happen), but that you continued on with them even though they’re bringing nothing to the table. After all it's your money being spent and you have to make sure it's being spent properly. You don't need to look over the shoulder of an agency, but should feel it’s a partnership.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current agency, then contact me today. I can take a brief no obligation looks at your site and let you know if you need to look for a new agency or hire a Google Ads Consultant