There is a trust factor involved in having an agency orconsultant managing your Google Ads campaign.

You’re not just entrusting them with your market budget.You are entrusting them with the future of your business.

Whether it's $500 a month or $10,000 you’re still investing asignificant amount of money. If you’re getting little to nothing in return for that money, then it’s simply wasted.

Add onto that the management fee you're paying them and the amount your wasting each month increases significantly.

Yet, just as significant is the amount of time going by in which your business is floundering because of the lack of leads.

Money is going out, but nothing is coming in.

If you’re wondering if you need to change from the agencyyour working with to a new Google Ads manager, then most likely you do.  

After all, if you were getting a healthy number of sales or calls or submissions, then you wouldn’t have your doubts.

Just to be sure, however, here are 10 indicators that you need to switch to a new agency or manager for your Google Ads account.

10 Signs That You Need a New Manager for Your Google Ads Account

1)    Limited or No Access To Your Own Account. This is a red flag you should have caught before you signed a contract with them or gave them the go ahead.

When they first pitched their proposal, they should have told you that the account would be set up in your name and under your control. This is what Google prefers and what you should have demanded. It might be toolate for this and you’ll find when you part ways with them, you also part wayswith your account.

2)    Lack of Communication. Remember they work for you. They should be in regular contact with you and let you know what is going on. It might simply be a monthly report or call. 

And they should respond in a reasonable amount of time when you reach out to them. If you’ve expressed concerns and they haven’t responded, then it’s a concern.

3)    They don’t focus on what matters most to you. This often becomes apparent when you express concerns about your results and they begin to inundate you with numbers. They point out the number of impressions you’ve received for your brand or the number of overall clicks. Impressions and clicks mean nothing if they don’t result in traffic. Find out what phrases they’re targeting and if they’re the phrases most relevant to your business.

4)    Little to no feedback on your site or landing page. Once the campaign begins and data begins to accumulate, they should be providing feedback on your site, even if its to say everything is all right. If you are getting a lot of clicks and nothing is occurring, then either the words are the wrong choice. Or the website is lacking in something. If it’s the latter, even if you can’t correct it, then they should be pointing it out.

5)    Lack of consistency with who manages your campaign. You should have a single point of contact to answer your questions or provide regular updates.

Ideally, you want this person to be the same person throughout your campaign. Or are junior employees simply being assigned to your account each month with no continuity? A Google Ads campaign evolves over time and if various people are managing the account they often miss out on the subtleties that makea campaign successful.

6)    Misleading information on their website. This is something you should have caught in the beginning, but now that you have concerns, you should take a second look at their website. Is there a Google Partners badge displayed prominently? If so, you should be able to click on itto see their agency page. If it doesn’t work, then they might no be legit.

7)    Google Ads Management is one of the many services they offer. This isn’t an issue if they have a large staff with employees that specialize in various mediums. If, however, you went with the agency that created your site and they only have a handful of employees, you have to wonder how much actual experience they have managing campaigns.

Agencies like to boast that they're a full-service agency. Unfortunately this means employees wear many hats.

Google ads management is a full-time job. Simply dabbling in it doesn’t benefit a client. It's a full time job to keep up with all the changes and learn how to properly manage campaigns.

8)    Little activity on your account each month. This you can only determine if you have access to your account. If you do, then check the change history. Depending on the size of your campaign you should seea significant amount of activity. From adding new keywords, new negative words,and revisions to ads.

In change history you should see a lot of activity over the last month.

9)    They don’t integrate other Google products. Google Ads doesn’t usually work on its own. You need to integrate analyticsinto the account so the data is being properly tracked. And if you serve aspecific market, then

10)  Your phone isn’t Ringing or no leads coming in. Ultimately this is the biggest barometerof success.

If you have not noticed a significant increase in business since they took over, then where is your money going. If they have just been on the account a month, it's too early to panic as there is a process. If they have been managing it for a while, however, then its time to make a switch. Especially if they haven’t reported why they’re not seeing conversions occurring.

What To Look For In A New Google Ads Agency

Now that you have serious doubts about your Google Ads manager, its time to find help. Begin by looking for an agency or consultant that specializes in Google Ads. Or that has staff devoted specifically to this.

Then see if that agency or consultant has some experience inyour field or similar industries. This doesn’t mean you have to find someone who specifically has worked with your industry, especially if it’s a very smallniche. Yet, they should be able to under who you’re marketing to.

I often take on clients that I haven’t specifically workedin their industry before. I tell them if I understand who they’re marketing toand what problems they’re facing. If I don’t I tell them I can’t help them.

There are agencies that specialize in Google Ads grants or Google Shopping so if these apply to you, this is what to look for.

When you find a candidate then set up a time to talk to them.You’re not just asking them about their background and their monthly process inmanaging campaigns. You also want to feel confident about them and have a rapport.

Ask questions based on some of the red flags I pointed out,such as who will be actively managing your account and what type of communication you’ll have with them, even its just a monthly report.

Most importantly, make sure the account is in your name andunder your control. Google allows agencies to link to accounts under their ClientCenter. This allows the agency to log into all their accounts at once. It alsokeeps the account completely in your control as you can simply unlink an agencyor consultant at any time.

If you have doubts about your current Google Ads manager, reach out to me. As a certified Google Ads Consultant, I’ll let you know if Ithink I can help. Then I’ll take a brief look at your account to determine if Ithink I can improve your results. If I do, then we can talk.