Bing Ads Management

Are you looking for more PPC exposure? With Bing Ads you can reach a large search audience of Bing users. There are 163 million unique searchers on the Bing Network, 54 million of whom do not even search on Google. For many industries, Bing Ads provides high quality traffic that can convert better than AdWords while often costing less per click.

As a Bing Ads Accredited Professional I work directly with a Bing Ads representative to ensure my clients are taking advantage of all that their advertising platform. I also under regular certifications to ensure I’m up to date on Bing Ads.

If you have maxed out the potential of Google or are just looking for a lower cost alternative, I can set up and manage your Bing ads account for you.

Bing Ads Setup & Optimization


Bing has done much to copy Google AdWords and continues to integrate what AdWords offers into their marketing platform. You can even import an existing AdWords campaign into Bing. This doesn’t mean, however, you’re good to go. There are subtle differences and it’s important that your campaign is optimized once the transfer is complete.

For those who aren’t advertising on Google, then proper setup of a Bing Ads campaign is crucial. That you’re targeting prospects in your market at the moment they’re ready to make a purchase.
My Bing Ads Management services include:
• Thorough keyword research, focusing on high intent, highly relevant keywords that produce leads and sales
• Carefully crafted text ads, helping you stand out from your competitors and attract more traffic
• Tracking configuration to measure the impact of every click
• Professional optimization to maximize your campaign’s ROI and to dramatically increase your sales
• Direct prospects to optimized, relevant landing pages to maximize potential

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

According to Bing, all that display the Accredited Professional Bing Ads badge, “have been trained and tested on their Bing Ads skills and recognized for their outstanding expertise.” I’ve been an accredited agent for over 2 years and working on the Bing platform since it was called Microsoft adCenter