Get Training, Coaching, and Guidance From a Veteran of 15 Years in PPC

Stop Struggling To Do Google Ads On Your Own

Are you looking to take your Google Ads campaign to the next level, but want to do it on your own? Then get the expert help you need.


Calling Google no longer helps as the reps can be difficult to understand and often give conflicting advice.

Pay per click management requires hours and hours to learn and ongoing studying to keep relevant. Time you might not have.

I shorten your learning time in order for you to spend more time on business.
This is not intensive training for those looking for a career in PPC. It's for busy business owners & marketing departments who simply need guidance.


Through screen share we review your campaign and make the necessary adjustments, while answering all your questions.
My hourly rate is $125, and I require a minimum of only 3 hours to begin.

Improve Your AdWords With Expert Coaching

I’ll help you manage your Google Ads campaign like a pro.  So you can cuts cost, generate more leads or sales, and maximize your ROI.

Work exclusively with a U.S. PPC expert of over 15 years, trained in Google Ads, conversion copywriting, and Google analytics.
Through my work, you’ll understand managing Google Ads including:


  •     How much to bid on a keyword to maximize profits

  •     Building a keyword list that is organized and targeted

  •     The most common pitfalls to avoid, including following Google’s recommendations.

  •     Why choosing the default setting is often the wrong choice.

  •     How to create ads that stand out from the competition.

  •     What to learn from your competitors.

  •     What to do to make your ads taken up even more real estate on the on the results page

  •     How to properly set and track conversions.

  •     Which tactics will yield the highest results

  •     The value of testing, testing, and then testing some more

  •     Where to concentrate your time and energy

  •     Proper organization of campaigns and ad groups

  •     Strategic advice on improving Quality Score in order to lower your cost per click

  •     How to use analytics to understand the critical components of your campaign

  •     How to optimize your landing pages for better conversions

Contact me today to discuss how my coaching can help turn Google Ads into your best salesperson.

Free Pay Per Click
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Request a free Pay Per Click review and I'll then schedule a 20 minute conversation on your campaign and if I'm able to help you improve it.