Online Marketing Services

Through Ad Hoc Marketing I offer a wide range of online marketing services to generate business for your company or to develop your brand identity. The primary means of achieving this is through pay per click management and local SEO.

The foundation of my campaigns is the development of content, not just for a web site, but also for social media. Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. From audit to content development, I work closely with companies and agencies all over the world to solve even the most challenging marketing problems.

I create content strategies that are...

  • Based on nearly a decade's worth of experience in SEO and nearly 25 years in marketing.
  • Custom designed to your specific business and your specific market.
  • Constantly evolving to take advantage of changes in your business and in SEO.
  • Designed to have a specific response, whether it's the development of leads, a call for service, or just an inquiry into your business.

My services include: