Educate, train, and prepare.

There is no secret formula to SEO or search engine optimization. It does take time to learn, however, and an active involvement in forums in order to keep up on the latest trends. I take the time to show them the proper way to optimize a page and offer them explanations on what we've done. The result is that they have a much better understanding of what it takes to succeed online.


You and or your marketing staff will be able to utilize our experience and learn what it takes for SEO, social media, pay per click, and content marketing. As the work progresses I'll continue to do what is needed to persistently build your business or allow you and your staff to continue with the work on your own.

Training can include assistance with:

  • website design and layout
  • technical issues
  • analytics
  • content
  • social media marketing


Part of the training provided involves how to generate content that incorporates keywords, but also engages the attention of your readers. Master the knowledge needed to write blogs that will attract more visitors and demonstrate your authority in your field. I'll demonstrate how to engage with prospects, customers, and disgruntled customers on social media.


Even the best books are often out of date when it comes to trends in SEO. It’s because things change so quickly. In the past month alone Google made over 50 changes to its algorithm. Many sites are feeling the effect of the Penguin update, which saw many sites drop in the rankings. In the past six months a little known social media site, Pinterest, became a major marketing tool. We'll let you know what is on the horizon and how it will impact your business. And how you can prepare for it in order to continue to remain ahead of the competition.

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