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Pay Per Click Management

A successful pay per click campaign targets relevant prospects through keywords and then converts them into performing some action on strategically developed landing pages. And it does so in a cost effective manner.

My pay per click management involves:Pay per click management

  • Help developing a profitable keyword list
  • Conducting A/B testing on ads to obtain the best click through rate.
  • Improving Quality Scores to constantly bring down the costs involved.
  • Optimizing landing pages to ensure that they convert
  • Offering suggestions on which advertising platform to use, from Google Adwords to Facebook to LinkedIn.
  • Developing mobile specific campaigns
  • Managing your budget to keep to your monthly spending limit and get the most value from it.

I offer pay per click management packages that are based on the size of your account.

As the campaigns run, I'll constantly review their effectiveness, and their cost, to make sure your continually staying ahead of your competition. Unlike firms that charge you based on your overall spend or bill you the same amount each month no matter how much work they do, my billable hours often go down over time. Contact me today to learn how I will help you generate qualified leads to your business in a cost effective manner.

Higher Return On Investment

All Star Luxury Coaches was spending more than $2.50 for each ad prior to my taking over their campaign. Today they pay less than 50 cents per ad resulting in five times more traffic for their ad budget. To learn more click here.


All of my work is in compliance with Google Adwords Policy. You continue to have access to your account as I link to it through our Client Center. You can unlink our account at any time and I will supply monthly reports on what I've done and your total spend.

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