Case Studies

Case Studies - How Online Marketing Impacts A Business

Online Marketing is about getting companies found online, either on a computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet. I do this through content marketing, SEO, pay per click, social media, and mobile phone marketing. My agency, Ad Hoc Marketing has assisted hundreds of businesses, getting them to rank for words that are relevant to their business. My clients rank in the top 10 for such competitive phrases as caskets, private jets for sale, flags for sale, portable restrooms for sale, and Presbyterian Seminary.

The result of my work is a dramatic increase in traffic and revenue. A home builder's site went from less than 300 visitors a month to more than 1300 in less than six months. A truck dealership tripled its traffic in the space of just two months. A flag company saw its traffic go up 30% a month for three consecutive months. Airsoft Gun Supply went from 286 visitors to 1618 visitors a month in just five months. Sassy Pup Dog Boutique saw its online customer base increase by over 9,000 visitors a month in the space of one year.

Here is a sampling of the success stories I’ve had with clients.


Nova Junk Removal was not generaing leads online although it served a large market area and was spending thousands on Google AdWords. In this case study I examined how local SEO and pay per click increased their business.

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Natalbany Creek RV Park and Campground was under new owners and had no online presence. Local SEO helped the business get the campground consistent reservations for it's campground.

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Local SEO Case Study

Sassy Pup is an online dog boutique that sells designer pet products. Case study examines how SEO is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.

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Addoco is a pallet manufacturer located in the Midwest. Unfortunately, none of their products ranked nationally.

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Trappist Caskets had a national reputation for their custom built wood caskets. Yet, they didn't rank for many of their products.

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A company sold aircraft online published a successful magazine, but had little success on the Internet.

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A florist whose clientele was local, but whose web site would prove to be national.

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American Realty is a real estate agency who didn't rank in their community for real estate phrases. Ad Hoc Marketing's real estate SEO services doubled the traffic to their site.

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Tri-State Clinic of Chiropractic is a business that had no web site. Yet, chiropractic care was one of the biggest items searched for in their locale.

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The Well Being Center is a chiropractic clinic in Santa Cruz, California that wanted to rank for their services. But they didn't want the words chiropractic to be prominent on their site.

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AllStar Coaches was paying over $2.50 a click in their Adwords campaign. After careful testing on ads and landing pages, there cost per click dropped down to .50 a click.

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