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Ad Hoc Marketing

Founded in 2004 by SEO Consultant Scott Salwolke, Ad Hoc Marketing assists businesses with all aspects of online marketing, from content development to social media marketing.

About Scott Salwolke

My name is Scott Salwolke and I'm a Pay Per Click Specialist, SEO consultant and content marketing writer. I have more than 25 years’ experience in marketing. I started out as a journalist, but soon switched to marketing beginning. as a direct marketing copywriter. I continue to write, eventually becoming a columnist and a published author, as well as the featured writer for a Home Magazine, a Travel Magazine and a Business Magazine.

In 2003 I opened a full service agency S Squared Advertising. When the focus of my work became SEO and search marketing, I created Ad Hoc Marketing. Since opening in 2004 I've worked on hundreds of websites and thousands of advertising campaigns.

I've been certified by Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing for their advertising platforms and I'm a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist.

As a writer I've written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and for the web. For some samples, click here.

To view my interview with Media Shower click here.

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Marketing background :

  • SEO consultant for over 9 years
  • Direct marketing writer for 25 years
  • Developed thousands of advertising campaigns.
  • Journalist who has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines and websites.
  • Featured writer in a Home Magazine and a Business Magazine.
  • Google Certified Partner
  • Bing Ads Certified

Phrases Clients Currently Rank for On Google:

  • Caskets for sale #1
  • corporate aircraft for sale #1
  • pool water testing kits #1
  • portable restrooms for sale #1
  • friction welding equipment #1
  • hand washing unit #1
  • Do not contact list #3
  • Dog boutique #4
  • Fleur de Lis Gifts #1
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