Lead Nurturing

Every person who fills out a form on your website doesn’t automatically become a customer. Many are looking not just at your business, but your competition, as well. Lead nurturing is a way to keep your company front and center with them, eventually turning these undecided prospects into customers.Lead nurturing

According to a report by MarketingSherpa, business that use lead nurturing see a 35% increase in sales.

95% of the prospects first visiting your site are there for research, but as many as 70% of these visitors will eventually purchase a product either from you or your competitor. You need to continually engage these visitors in a meaningful way in order for them to finally choose you.

Sending out emails blindly to addresses you’ve purchased seldom works. Lead nurturing only succeeds when the people you are contacting have already expressed some interest in your business through filling out a form or downloading content from your site. Email marketing can also be used for current customers as you can notify them of promotions, special events, product updates, and general news about your company. This strengthens your ties to them and generates more business, as well.

If you’re getting a lot of leads from the forms on your site, but few are converting into actual customers, then contact me today. We’ll provide a no obligation assessment of your site and present you with a detailed proposal on how Ad Hoc Marketing can assist you in generating more revenue for your site.