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My Consulting Services Involve:


    • How incorrect information about your business is costing you money
    • What your competition is doing right
    • How to get a better ROI out of Google AdWords
    • Issues with your website that are putting you at risk with Google and prospects
    • What to do about negative reviews
    • How to get satisfied customers to leave reviews
    • What can be done to make a Google+ listing stand out?

The telephone book has been replaced. If your business is not being found online, your phone won't be ringing. I’m a Local SEO consultant whose focus on developing and deploying marketing strategies that maximize ROI, whether it’s your website, your Google+ listing or your pay per click campaign. The approach I take will be based on your specific business and your specific market. I let the data dictate how your campaign is run.


SEO and pay per click is fluid. I monitor the latest trends and changes and determine how they can benefit my client base. I'm accessible to my clients and always available to answer questions or provide guidance. SEO involves many skills, the most important of which is an understanding of the targeted market. In over 10 years of work, I’ve been successful time and time again with my clients and have the testimonials to prove it.


SEO Consulting

The SEO landscape is complex and constantly changing. Do you need someone for your business or agency to offer advice or to critique your marketing plan? Then hire a SEO consultant.

SEO Consulting



 Local SEO Services

85% of consumers find local business information online, and 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.  Local SEO is about getting your business found in your community for your products or services.

Local SEO Services



Pay Per Click Management Services

Google AdWords and Bing allow you to target people when they search for your products or services. They can also drain your marketing budge if not set up properly. Getting clicks s just the first steop of the process.

Pay Per Click Management



 My work is designed to have a lasting impact on your business, no matter what type of service I provide.

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